Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some new printed jerseys!

Ni some aje printed jerseys yg baru sampai kat ZH.

Brown Leafy Celoreng. This jersey comes in 2 other colours, biru kehijaun celoreng dia tu, and another is maroonish. I find them quite eye-catching gak. Shown here is the one in brown...this is wht I bought! (kan daun2 tu cam design baju yg i ada jual kat blog ni jgk. Kain frm Indon kot!
RM32 per mtr.

B&W floral 45". RM32 per mtr.

B&W floral abstract 45''. RM32 per mtr. Also comes in brown.

Ada a few more designs yg 45" ni...but I was in a rush, and there were so many people tht I cldnt be bothered to take more pics!!

*Prices shown are only until 31st of March. A more detailed report on this week's shopping spree has been sent to the mailing list!

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