Sunday, January 31, 2010

New subtle multi-hued jerseys

Another batch of this range of jerseys. Yg previous seme dh sold out ye except for PJ101.

RP RM46.80, ur price RM40 per m. Pls email for availability. Thx!




New subtle multi-hued jerseys - ALL SOLD OUT!

Another batch of this range of jerseys. Yg previous seme dh sold out ye except for PJ101.

RP RM46.80, ur price RM40 per m. Pls email for availability. Thx!







Saturday, January 30, 2010

Me in boots

This is me wearing the Martinez Velero boots. Now, seme skirt suit dah boleh pakai balik. Perhaps for those yg mahukan kelainan, boleh cuba this kind of ensemble bila ke ofis ye. Yg pasti, nmpk highly fashionable walaupun bertudung! :)


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SC Applicators

Disebabkan masih ada permintaan for the applicators, those yg missed grabbing the first batch , pls submit ur FE together wth rm30 as deposit. Order book will close on Sunday at 8pm. Arrival shld be within 4 weeks. Those yg nk order kasut, pls also submit orders by Sunday.

As for shuz, if u hv any style, colour and size u want, pls email me and I see if I can find a pair for u. I amik sz 7 n 7.5 as readystock coz thts my size. Yg wedges Carlos Santana u see byk2 tu seme in various sizes, buyers yg order in their respective sizes. Just let me know the kind of shuz u hv in mind, kita akan carikan.

Take care, peeps!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sorry all!

Dear all,

I was so excited abt my stuff that just arrived yesterday, maka tak sempat nak complete bungkus seme brg2. So mlm ni akan ku complete kan, and esok ku post ye.

Pls cek ur email tomorrow morning for any notification on BOP ye, sbb if bop tak clear, parcel won't be shipped out ye. Cynosure's P&P gitu!

For SC applicators, kita akan post esok juga if seme clears BOP. Thursday and Friday I ada course kat Marriot, so no shipping ye. So if nak brg2 this week, make sure seme BOP tak de outstanding.

Okeh...have a productive day all! :)


Monday, January 25, 2010

Swarovski Crystals

Pls double click on the colour catalog for a better view.

Prices shown here are only applicable for this batch of SC ONLY and for 50-pc pack only. If u'd like to buy less than 50 pcs per colour per size, normal prices will apply. SC tht are available for sale are :

1. Amethyst : ss10, ss16
2. Burgundy : ss10
3. Chrysolite : ss10, ss12, ss16
4. Erinite : ss10, ss12, ss16
5. Light Amethyst : ss10, ss12 (SOLD OUT)
6. Light Colorado Topaz : ss10
7. Light Peach : ss10
8. Jonquil : ss12, ss16
9. Light Rose : ss12
10. Sapphire : ss12
11. Light Siam : ss12
12. Smoked Topaz ; ss16

Price for 50 pcs:
ss10 - RM10 (RM0.20 per pc vs NP RM0.25)
ss12 - RM 13 (RM0.26 per pc vs NP RM0.35)
ss16 - RM 16 (RM0.32 per pc vs NP RM0.45)

Clear crystals ss12 (amended) : RM13 (RM0.26 vs NP RM 0.30)

For price comparison, pls refer to this link

Prices are applicable until stock lasts.

For those who have bought the SC applicators, you may enjoy free shipping for your package if you buy RM150 worth of SC to be shipped together wth your applicators. :)

Pls email for availability.

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Swarovski Crystals applicators

Finally, the SC applicators have arrived safely, yay! So those who have ordered, pls email me ur BOP with RM6 as poslaju shipping. Price is RM120. So pls do me a favor, pls reply using the trail email of ur FE ya. Seriously, I don't have much time to email sorang2! I may have 2 boxes available. Deadline for submission of BOP is this Friday, 28th of Jan. After which, I will offer yg mana2 tak dibayar lagi to others. Booking fee in non-refundable!:)

List of those who have booked the applicator:
1. Sherry - pd
2. Penguin - pd
3. Ina S - pd
4. Wide- pd
5. Pink- pd
6. Syafinaz- pd
7. Kak Da- pd
8. Yela- pd
9. Idah JB
10. Lieya- pd
11. Lynda

Ada tak nama sapa2 yg I tercicir??

The SC have also arrived! I will list down the colours and sizes later. Those yg beli the applicators, with purchase of SC totalling RM150, shipping will be complimentary on the house!


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Shuz have just arrived!

Fans of the Carlos Santana wedges, pls expect email for the bop ye. Of course yg gold pair tu mine le! If ada yg nak order lagi, pls submit FE, RM220 per pair. Subject to availability.
The most comfy wedges I have ever worn!

Brand/Style : CLARKS Forget-Me-Not
Size: US 7 (UK 4.5)
Condition :New
Width Medium (B, M)
Color :Silver
Material Genuine Leather Upper and Man Made Sole
Specs 0.5 Inch Heel
Price MSRP: $60 (RM210)
Cynosure's bargain price : RM130
Status : Available

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Some more!

Black & Tan berkaki (without the kaki on the tudung). This is available, Demi TE, face size M, RM58, ready to be shipped. Kain ni dh sold out kat kedai. Awning on this tudung is the new and improved Cynosure awning, pls take note everybody! I find this awning more flattering to the face. :)
Booked by Mel

Mutli-hued jersey sample

Ni contoh Demi TE made frm one of the subtle multi-hued jerseys. Cantik u all bila dh jadi tudung! (Not made by me, this is given as sample for size). Sapa2 yg nak order from the mutli-hues range, pls submit MTO form cepat2, some of the ones I posted dh sold out kat kedai jerseys nya. But last week dtg yg baru lak...haku dh pening nk amik gambar2 byk2...kang tak dan nak tepek, sold out pulak!

Wht I like abt this range is that, u can wear ur printed clothes with these jerseys. So agak flexi la compared to the other range of printed jerseys yg mana kena pakai baju plain aje. Tu psl jerseys ni cepat habis, yg masuk last week was the 3rd batch within 3 weeks kot tokeh bwk masuk, yg first range I pun tak sempat nk tgk dh sold out. Yg batch I tepek baru2 ni, dh kurus2 kayu dia, and a few colours dh sold out. Nnti I tepek yg latest batch lak ek.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Recent project

There are some tudungs available similar with the ones shown here. Nnti I dh sort out yg mana MTO yg mana yg available , I akan post the readstock here ek.

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MTO has been reopened!

Salam ladies,

MTO telah dibuka kembali! Those yg teringin MTO from the expensive jerseys, pls email for quotes. Shopping for the jerseys akan dibuat next weekend. Weekend ni I gi survey and see what's the damage will be for u! Hehehehh!

Yg nak submit MTO for the latest postings on jerseys, pls email for quotes juga.

There will be some readymades available for sale nnti. For those yg jenis tak leh nak tunggu, sila la rembat yg readymades bila ianya dh keluar nnti ek!

Disebabkan kain tgh ada offer now, prices for the following MTOs are as follows:

1. J1 ori (ni tak de offer, sama je price dia dgn dulu!)
Ariana/ DeCynosure/Demi TE - RM60
Ariana 11/DeCynosure 11/TE - RM64
Tudung Husna - RM76
Mini Cynosure -RM55

2. J1 murah
Ariana/ DeCynosure/Demi TE - RM55
Ariana 11/DeCynosure 11/TE - RM59
Tudung Husna - RM64
Mini Cynosure -RM50

3. J2
Ariana/ DeCynosure/Demi TE - RM50
Ariana 11/DeCynosure 11/TE - RM54
Tudung Husna - RM60
Mini Cynosure -RM45

The rates above are only applicable for MTOs submitted before the 30th of Jan.

Have a great weekend all!!


Friday, January 22, 2010


Dear all,

I'm terribly busy this week, so tak sempat nak update or answer to queries that many have emailed me. Tudungs pun yg patut due dah siap, but tak sempat nk email for bop juga! So this weekend I will email to all yg berkenaan ye. Next week Tuesday/Wednesday akan ku pos secara besar2an ek!

Yg nak shopping kain, sila submit FE ye. Saturday ni shopping besar kita, sapa yg nk suh cari matching TS to the jerseys yg u all order, pls state senang ku buat ni sekali harung, macik tak byk masa terluang tau! So when I'm out shopping, I akan bereskan segala yg perlu dishopping. Nak ulang-alik dua tiga kali, kita dh can't afford the time anymore. :(

Okay, have an enjoyable weekend ahead!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Subtle multi-hued jerseys 2

These are 58" in width, RP RM46.80, your price is RM40 per m. All jerseys shown here are in 1m lengths, readily available.




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Subtle multi-hued jerseys

These are 58" in width, RP RM46.80, your price is RM40 per m. All jerseys shown here are in 1m lengths, readily available.





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