Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Swarovski Crystals

1. The different prices are for Crystals/Colour/AB, in that order.
2. Pls refer to Swarovski for colours. Pls refer to Swarovski colour chart for a better view of the shades, quote the names of the shades u want when u place ur order. Pls take note, not all colours are available. The ones marked with '*" are available at the time of posting. Nevertheless, do email for availability before u submit ur FE.
3. Some colours are only available in certain sizes at the time of posting. This may change and I will update the status accordingly. If you see numbers on the chart, that means only stones in tht size are available at the time of posting. This may also change when the supplier has the stock.
4. Pls double click on the pics for a bigger view.
5. Prices shown are after discount.
6. I may not have all the available stones in the chart as readystock, those I don't have in hand, they have to be pre-ordered.
7. Min purchase to enjoy the discount is 20 pcs per colour, per size. Trust me u need quite a lot to embellish the body of ur tudung. For awnings only, 20 pcs would be sufficient, itu pun very the jarang2!
8. For purchases of 100 pcs per size, per colour, further discounts can be arranged. 9. Pls email for availability, 100% payment is required upon confirmation of availability. Pre-ordered stones will require 50% deposit. In cases where wht u've ordered are not available wth the supplier, full refund of your deposits will be given.
10. Pls ask questions before u place ur order as no cancellation and returns will be entertained. \


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ibumuqrish said...

mcm best pesta bling2.. tp problemnyer.. daku mesti x boleh join..

JV Cynosure said...

i rasa mmg tak leh jadi the pot luck..psl on tht day alone i ada 2 mmg no can do le. but we will have something like this bila demam raya ni dh over ek. so harap leh le join...beramas mesra gitu!