Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chiffon Silk Scarves

(This silk thread will be cut, and made into 3 scarves)





Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jerseys Ready Stock


I have a few jerseys in-hand (ready stock) which are up for grabs! If full payment is made, items will be shipped out the next working day. Pls email me for availability before u submit ur format email.

Plain jerseys
1. J1 black
- 1m x 4 pcs - 2 pcs Hooney, 1 pc tokeh
- 2m x 1 pc - kimi
2. J4 black - 0.8m- maksu
3. J1 raspberry - 1m - Raihan
4. J1 Hijau lumut
- 0.8 m x 1 pc - maksu
- 1m x 1- shima
- 1.3 x 1 - tokeh
5. itik seranti set - last one! - salina
itik seranti jersey - 0.6
6. J4 lite blue - o.8
7. J110 - 1m
8. J1 cream - 0.8 x 2pcs - taken
9. J1mustard brown - 0.8 - Raihan
10. J1 mustard yellow - 0.8 - raihan

Printed Jerseys
1. Maroon abstract - 1m - Ruziyanti
2. B&W berkaki - 0.6
3. Colourful berkaki - 1m
- 0.55m
4. European black celoreng - 0.8
5. Soft Pink abstract - 1m- kimi

You can request a matching awnings for the above plain jerseys if u wish, I will suggest a few matches. Tempahan for ready-made tudung can also be made using any of the jerseys above. Pls email for rates.

Sets Ready Stock

These are stocks in hand, it can be shipped out immediately. Just make your full payment and submit the Format Mail and we will send it to you asap :)

There is only one available in stock *yela update length & price pls*

6 sets J1 0.8m & Brocade = RM38 + RM6 postage - SET IS OPEN FOR BOOKING NOW!
The color of this set is actually green base. its what they call "hijau itik seranti" or hijau tudung ikin-mawi :)

4 Sets of J1 Dark Blue 0.8m & Silver Flower Brocade = RM38 + RM6 postage
(this set is the same as SK4)

Jersey Dress

Jersey top

2 pcs available - RM55 (does't come with a tudung) - 1 pc booked by penguin
Short jersey dress
2 pcs available, in a)black and white and b) tan and black (SOLD) - comes with matching tudungs. Looks good with a pair of skinny jeans - RM55
Long dresses

Black and white abstract -RM59

Brown/black/white floral dress, comes with a matching tudung - RM59

Black & white floral dress, comes with a matching tudung - RM59. booked by azniza

The matching tudungs for the above dresses. Free size for all dresses, made of very comfortable cool jersey fabric.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Format Mail for Orders

To order, just fill in the form below and click sumbit, and you're done!


Nick Name:

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Payment Reference:

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Inner Plain

Plain Inner

Colors Available, only 1 pc each, free size:
Back, left to right :Hijau pucuk pisang, orange, white, maroon, cream, greenish yellow, peach
Front left to right : Mustard, powder blue, dark grey SOLD (1 pc), off-white, powder pink SOLD
RM10 each

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thai Silk Awning

The following Thai Silk material can be reordered however, there will be a price increase because there is no more discount at the shop for them. So once they are sold out, we will open JV and buy them only when there is enough corum.

2ply plain (with/without flash)

TSP05, TS06 are back i stock at a new price - RM6
TSP01, TSP04 are sold out!

2ply stripes (with/without flash)

TS09, TS10,TS11, TS12 are all back in stock at a new price- RM6

*note that d stripe on left is the same (TS08) set above
Beside it, is TS15

3ply stripes *no. 3 frm left is 2ply

TS13 is back in stock at a new price - RM6.50
TS17 is premanently out of stock!

new Thai Silk for awnings!!

FTS301, FTS302,FTS303 (3 ply)

FTS304, FTS305, STS301(3ply)-stripes are horizontal

TSP201(peachy pink),TSP202 (powder pink) SOLD OUT,TSP203 (orange) SOLD OUT,TSP204 (mustard yellow)

TSP205(bronzey maroon- SOLD OUT), TSP206 (striking blue), TSP207(purpleish pink) SOLD OUT, TSP208 (SOLD OUT)

PTS301 ((3 ply)

PTS302, PTS303 (3PLY) - stripes are horizontal

PTS304 ((3PLY)

STS302 (3PLY)- vertical stripes for ariania and lyd's awnings (9pcs), horizontal stripesfor all awnings (3pcs)- pls specify which you would prefer in ur order. SOLD OUT

TSP209 (kuning pekat), TSP210 (light green), TSP211 (gorgeous green) (2PLY) SOLD OUT

TSP212(cream), TSP213 (gold), TSP214 (red) (2PLY)

TS601 SOLD OUT, TS602, TS603 (6PLY)

TS215 (merah hati) (2PLY) is now available at a new price of RM 6 per pc.

TSP219 is back in stock at a new price - RM6

TSP220 - Kuning cair
TSP221- slightly lighter than TSP210
TSP222- purple
TSP224- pin-striped magenta

PTS601 (6PLY) old stock is finished, it is now available at a new price of RM7

Grey awning like the above pic is back in stock at a new price - rm6

TSP225 is Candy Pink (not purplish as shown here) - RM6
STS303 - RM6.50

* Colours may differ due to lighting. Some of the TS are made of threads of 2 different colours hence are called two-toned TS. So in different light or angle, the TS may show a different sheen, hence it is difficult to capture the TS' exact shades. But some of the TS' pics do come out exactly as they are live. Whatever it is, they are all gorgeous!!:)
p/s If you'd like to purchase any of the sold out TS (except the ones where I wrote "permanently out of stock"), pls drop me an email and I will see what I can do. :)

Prices for Thai Silk Awnings

1. 2 ply - RM4.00 per pc
2. 3 ply - RM4.50 per pc
3. 6 ply- RM5.00 per pc

New stock :-

1. 2 ply - RM6

2. 3 ply - RM6.50

3. 6 ply - RM7

Printed Jersey

Mustard printed jersey
RM43.50 (RP RM48.80)
Soft pink printed jersey SOLD OUT
RM42 per mtr (RP RM46.80)

Pink/Black/white printed jersey

RM42 per m (RP RM46.80)

Colourful printed jersey berkaki

RM42 per m (RP RM46.80)

Colourful prints

RM42 per m (RP RM46.80).

Black & white jersey with kaki - RM43 (RP RM48.80)

Gorgeous black & white jersey. Sold in panels, each panel is 0.6m, can be turned into an oblong tudung or a mini tudung (atas dada) - RM41 (RP RM46.80).

Ni kedai tu kata European jersey or design, RP RM55.80 per meter, our price rm50. Cun banget ni!

RM38 per mtr (RP RM42.80), lebar 45".

New arrivals!! Open for orders!

Black Floral

RM43.50 per mtr (RP RM48.80

Blue abstract SOLD OUT!

RM42 per mtr (RP RM46.80)

Maroon abstract

RM42 (RP RM46.80)

Grey oblong

Gorgeous jersey for oblong tudung! Shown here is the jersey already turned into an oblong tudung. Only 0.5-0.6 m is need for an oblong tudung.
RM43.50 (RP RM48.80) SOLD OUT

Blue oblong

Jersey 'berkaki', suitable for oblong tudung. Only 0.5-0.6m is needed for an oblong tudung.
RM43.50 per mtr (RP RM 48.80) SOLD OUT

Printer Jersey no. 1 (Brown), no. 2 (Black Square), no. 3 (Black Checker), No. 4 (White) Sold Out

Floral - SOLD OUT

Spiral - Sold Out