Thursday, December 11, 2008

Plain Jerseys

Plain jerseys ada types with different qualities, prices of course will commensurate with the quality.

1. Jersey 1 (J1) - Retail RM 45.60 per meter, (lembut and sejuk and berat)
JV price RM40/mtr = 0.8m RM32

2. Jersey 2 (J2) - Retail RM38.80 per meter, (nipis sikt compared to J1)
JV price RM35/mtr = 0.8m RM28

3. Cotton Jersey 3 (J3) - Retail RM38.80, (sesuai for anak tudung, tudung budak2, for santai2)
JV price RM34/mtr = 0.8m RM27.20

4. Jersey 4 (J4) - Retail RM30.80 per meter, (ni nk buat anak tudung, perfect sgt2!)
JV price RM28/mtr = 0.8m RM22.40

I did a calculation on the price of 0.8m (standard length for body) for each of the above for easy reference, but the choice is yours, you may order any length you find suitable for your project.

To order, please state Jersey Code (i.e J101), length required and color (for J2, J3 and J4).

You can also opt to order matching Awning together with the Jersey (we call this the SET), Sis Yela would be more than happy to assist you in the color coordination of your Set.

For Awning add :

1. Thai Silk Awning = RM4/pcs
2. Brocade Awning = RM6/pcs

*example J1 Set TS Awning = RM32 (0.8m)+RM4= RM36 + RM6 Postage

Prices above does not include our standard shipping rate of RM6 for Semenanjung Malaysia.
Plain Jerseys - pls email for availability before submitting ur orders.

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