Monday, August 16, 2010


Dear all,

I hv to apologise for not uploading the available readymade tudungs n fabrics as promised, cable frm camera to ltop tah hilang ke mana! The moment I've found it, I will upload the pics, okay.

Have a good week ahead, and happy fasting!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Additional tips and SC applicators

Dear Ladies,

Finally, additional tips tu dh sampai semlm. So yg ada order additional tips ss12 and cluster tips, sila email me, attach sekali ur earlier FE so I can refer how the deposit that u've made for the tips. Shipping for these tips will be complimentary via Pos Express, but if u all nak secure shipping, add RM2 for pos laju. This complinentary shipping for the tips only for those yg ordered with the applicators sebelum ni. Disebabkan arrivals of items not at the same time, tht's why I give free shipping for the tips ek.

Boths tips are RM35.

I also have additional SC applicators for sale, I have 8 units gitu, yg dulu ada order and paid deposit but tak complete bop, pls do so before I let go ur applicators kat org lain. Deposits paid earlier are non-refundable, pls take note!

SC Applicator and additional Tips:
1. Seha - taken
2. Kimi - shipped
3. Sda
4. Siti - shipped
5. Azizah Din- shipped
6. Faezah - shipped

Additional Tips:
1. Alwani - shipped
2. Wan Haslina-shipped
3. Syafinaz- shipped
4. Norazamimah- shipped

Shipping will be on Wednesdays.

Happy fasting all!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Sorry all!

Dear ladies,

Sorry there was no shipping last Wed as I had a whole-day conference at KL Hilton. Shipping this week will be on Wed, so I will ship out items for those who hv completed the BOPs.

Also I have yet to get back my groove in tudung making, hence, I may not be taking any MTOs for the moment until further notice. Instead, I will upload some readymades that I already have, some time this coming weekend, for you to see. If you need me to embellish the tudungs with SC, pls let me know and give me a week to complete tepek-ing the SC.

If I larat, I will also upload pics of jerseys that I already have in hand. These will be put up for sale for those who are interested. If u all insist nk MTO juga from these jerseys, I will get my assistant to do it for u. Buat masa ni...I mcm geli nak menjahit! Sgt teruk la pembawakan budak kali ni...I'm hoping I will be back to normal, at least after the baby is born. Sayang je skills buat tudung seme!

For those who have not completed your BOPs on the SC applicators by Wed (the 14th) at 12 noon, akan ku let go the applicators to those yg I ter-miss buying the last shopping spree. Refunds will not be entertained, your orders I will push to the the next shopping spree pulak ye. For those yg nak order lagi the applicators, pls email the FE form and deposits by Friday this week. I'll be shopping for the additional tips and applicators this weekend.

Thx all for reading. Yela is a boring blogger the last few and coming months. I hope to get back into the groove eventually. Jangan lupa daku!


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Flexible Neck Magnifier

Dear ladies,

I have this fantastic gadget that will help u immensely in preventing u from straining ur eyes from all those sewing and beading! It's portable, u can take it anywhere. For those yg jahit beads to baju n what-not...sgt bagus la magnifier ni. Leher dia flexible, leh lentur ke all directions.

Price : RM55
Shipping : RM6 for KL, RM7 for outside of KL.
Only 2 units available
1. Booked by Miza
2. Miza's friend

(With purchase of RM100 worth of SC, shipping will be free)

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Attention, attention pls!!

Salam all!

Okay, here are the names of the ladies whose applicators have arrived:

1.Tong-gas - 1- fully paid- ED 917113978 MY
2.Azizah - 1
3.UmmuY - fully paid with Value Set B - tracking no. ED 917114409 MY
4.Kimi - 1 - fully paid, bop rm55 for aluminium casing with 54 mini tins -
tracking no ED 917114196 MY
5.Siti Husnita - paid and shipped.
6.Norazamimah - 1- Fully paid- Tracking no. ED 917114426 MY
7.Eeian - 1 - ED 919225265 MY
8.Rosilawati - 1
9.Suzi J - 1
10. Yus -1 -fully paid , bop for set b - ED 917114015 my
11. Ummi -1 - paid , tracking no. EN168138420MY
12. Keeah - fully paid, bop for value set b - tracking no. ED 917113995 MY
13. wan haslina - 1 wth jumbo value pack - paid , tracking no. EN168138274MY
. Kak Yah - fully paid- tracking no. ED 917114032 MY

I'm sorry, the additional tips still tak de lagi. Tgh work in progress yg tu, nnti dh sampai, I will send out to u via pos express, shipping will be on me for the tips. I have 3 available units of the apllicators, the first 3 to email me FE with full payment will get the units. (Sold Out!)

If you do not want to consider the value packages listed below, pls add RM6 for shipping to KL, and RM7 for outside of KL. Pls email me ur BOP money trfr notices n attach ur FE order form sekali.

For those above, I have a few SC value packages tht u might want to consider, esp offered to u with ur purchase of the applicator.

1. Value Set A
SC value of min RM150 - sc of ur choice
Aluminium case Size : 5.25" x 4" includes 12 mini tin containers - RM35
One Tweezer with Magnifier - RM15
Shipping RM6
Total Value : RM206

Special offer : RM180 (free shipping, free tweezer and casing RM30 only!)

2. Value Set B
SC value of min RM100 - sc of ur choice
Plastic Box 6.5x2.75 In With 10 Mini Plastic Round casings - RM12
One Tweezer with Magnifier - RM15
Shipping RM6
Total Value : RM133

Special offer : RM117 ( free shipping n tweezer at RM10 only!)

3. Value Set C
SC value of min RM100 - sc of ur choice
Plastic Box 6.5x2.75 in. With 10 Mini Plastic Round casings - RM12
Shipping RM6
Total Value : RM118

Special offer : RM112 (free shipping!)

Offer is on first come first served basis, I only have 9 of the plastic boxes with 10 mini casings and 4 of the aluminium cases with 12 mini tins.

Shipping will be on Wednesday, pls email me if u'd like to take up the offer above. Pls email me ur BOP money transfer notices, attach it to ur FE mail, so I will have ur order info and shipping details latest by Tuesday at 5 pm.

If u miss the Tuesday deadline, shipping will be the following Wednesday. I'm currently using a runner for the P.O visits, I sendiri dh tak larat nk queue n bertapak ke P.O. tu dah. So shipping is only once a week, pls take note. Thx for ur understanding! :)


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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yay! Barang2 sudah sampai!

Dear ladies,
Finally, sampai dh all the applicators and storage cases! Pls look out for offers on SC especially for those who have bought the applicators. Also be on a look out for BOP emails for those who hv placed their orders. Give me until this weekend to pack all the stuff up. Byk keje ni....nk korek balik ur FEs, nk check for BOP payments, nk pack n segala!

Nevertheless, the additional tips tak sampai lagi. So those I will ship out separately coz I tau ramai yg dh tak sabar nk guna applicators ni!Those yg tak sempat nk selit order dulu, pls email me if ur interested. I will put u on a waiting list, n email to those yg akan dpt the extras nnti.

Last but not least...thx so very, very much for those who have been patient enough to wait for ur orders. I feel utterly grateful!!!

Thanks again, people!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Newly arrived Shuz - Part 11

Sold to tokeh



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Newly arrived Shuz!

Sold to Yaneng

Booked by Fateen



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Salam semua!!

Dear ladies,

I'd like to apologise for the longggggg silence, dah sakit bagai nak rak, tak berdaya kita nk menghadap daily activities! I thought I was never going to emerge from the dark, dark hole I was was so horrible, I'd never wish it even to my enemies!

But alas, I'm back on my feet, back to the world of the living! Nevertheless, I masih terasa ''geli'' nk menjahit tudung. Hopefully seru akan tiba juga one of these days!

We have some outstanding business which I'd like to address. Beribu2 ampun dipinta for the delay!

1. Hotfix applicators - I have received only 2 units earlier this week. I'm going to get the rest next week or latest the week after. I may have a few extra units available for sale. Yg ada email kata nk order after the deadline, pls email me again...I will put u on the waiting list.:)

2. Shuz - sudah tiba this week, akan ku upload gambar sat lagi ya.

3. Gadgets n storage cases- ada yg dh sampai, ada yg akan sampai together with the applicators next week. Yg mana value sets yg dh complete, akan ku cuba selesaikan transaction this coming week.

4. Additional tips -these may arrive lewat sikit. Harap dapat bersabar ye.

5. MTOs - yg mana ada submit deposit for MTOs before I fell sick, pls email me again. Nila ur tudungs yg 2 pcs tu dh siap, complete BOP and will send them out to u this week. :)

6. Swarovski crsytals - yg ada submit email wanting to buy these, pls email me again, I hv received the crystals counter so cepat la ku leh buat kerja packing the stones for u.

7. Jerseys - yg ingin membeli belah jerseys, sila submit queries. Business is effectively open starting this week. :)

Thanks to all for the good wishes, semoga I sihat and can function again as per normal!

We are back in business!!


Friday, May 7, 2010


Seperti yang you all sudah sedia maklum, Yela is not her usual self lately due to her pregnancy.

She is not well at the moment and I was asked to convey her apologies to all for not being able to update the blog. She did say that, health permits, she will start updating again in 3-4 weeks.

Lets all pray that she gets well soon.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SC Applicators

Dear all,

We have submitted your orders for the SC, unfortunately, we still have to wait until the supplier re-stocks the items. Tiba2 ada shortage lak of the applicators. So pls, pls sabar ye. Sellers yg ada stock jual mahal amat, wth shipping seme it will cost more than RM150! So I'd rather wait. Maka seme brg2 lain pun terpaksa tunggu lagi. Once brg dh shipped out from the seller to my contact over there, I will let u know.

Ampun n maaf for the delay!

Dah siap!

Dear ladies,

Those who hv ordered the 14th CE, sudah siap semuanya. Pls submit bop masing2 ye, add RM5 for shipping yg dlm KL and RM6 for shipping yg luar kl if ur order 1 tudung aje. If more than that, add RM1 more to the shipping.

For Mashitoh, ur dope light akan siap on Thursday, so shipping for u will be on Friday or Monday, together with the 14th CE. Satu je masalah, I buat Cyno awning instead of tergantung for both. Yg dope light tu mmg i consciouly buat Cyno awning psl for jersey awning, i rasa kemas lagi if the interface tu sampai tepi. But yg 14th CE tu, terlajak perahu! If u hv issues with this, pls email me ye.

Wan Nur Saaraa tudung pun dh siap, pls complete bop wth RM5 shipping.

Kak Cheqchom ur dope light in green dh siap juga, pls complete bop ye, shipping for u is RM8.

Shipping will be done tomorrow yg complete bop before 12 noon esok. Except for Kak Sherry, psl ur dopelight tgh dlm process. Nnti dh siap, akan ku post seme 5 pcs sekali harung shipping gitu!

Sorry la tak larat nk email sorang, pala n tekak ni tgh tak betul.

I'm on MC, mmg lembik compounded with flu n cough. Esok i'll be back to work hence the P.O. trip. Eeyanz, ur bling2 pun esok baru dpt pos psl tak de org nk tolong i gi PO hari ni.

Tu je for today, thx dear all for ur patience and understanding.

Hv a good week!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dope Light Jerseys

Dear all,

Good news! Kedai now tgh sale, maka Jerseys ni pun tgh sale. Frm RP RM38.80, my price to u is now RM32. I love the texture of the kain, very smooth. Highly recommended!

The older printed jerseys tgh massive sale, RM33, B1F1 vs RM40 per m sebelum ni. Gila murah tu! Yg recent nya collection now is RM37 vs RM40 previously.

So order away ya!


Friday, April 9, 2010

A morning person at the mo!

A the moment, I'm a morning person. Malam balik mmg flat satu mcm. By 9.30 dh masuk bilik...10 pm gitu dh off to zzzzzz-land! So urusan seme u will fnd me responding in the morning. Buat masa ni ek. I dunno how it's gonna be next week onwards.

Kain dope light (memandai aku tulis toplite sebelum ni!), udah sampai. and ada a few new ones also it seems, today ku pergi amik gambar ek n upload this weekend. so if ada yg interested nak order, try submitting ur orders asap, sebelum badai melanda! yg nak J1, J2 printed seme pls submit cepat2. next week kita go shopping spree.

Kena buat kerja cepat2 sikit now!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Apa dah jadi??!

Dear ladies,

Disebabkan kesilapan teknikal, I am now 6 weeks pregnant! It's a shocker to me esp when I've closed the pregnancy chapter in my life...instead of enjoying my children growing up, I may hv to nurse yet another child at the end if this year all over again!

As for my previous pregnancies, the first trimester is a very trying & challenging phase of the pregnancy. The non-stop vomitting, the totally vegetable state I'd be in, time tu dunia terbalik pun I wouldn't care less, coz in my body, serba serbi terbalik n tunggang langgang dibuat dek the preggy hormones. Ad strong as I am in most things, I totally lose out to the adversed effects of the preggy hormones. This will start hitting full-blown in 2 weeks time, angin sepoi2 dh terasa now, n shld last until week 13-14. So I see myself coming out of this horrible phase by end of May.

So due to the above, my assistant will be taking over the full production of the tudungs until I'm well enough to get back into the groove. Currently she only does the tepek awning n cantum depan, I do everything else frm cutting, tepek interface to awning, coverstitch n ironing of the edges. She's good, she has her own clientele. I will still do the quality inspection, as only tudungs tht pass my QC will be sent out to my customers, I don't compromise on quality, I'm sure U
all know tht by now!

So, ladies, business will continue as usual- fabric, sc, shuz, mto, CE - berjln spt biasa. Cuma I jadi salesperson je instead of the producer!! Hehehe! I'd be back in full gear in time for raya MTOs. Possibly ada la mende2 yg related to pregnancies yg akan ku intro di sini nnti! So watch this space from June onwards, most likely preggers' clothes n shuz! Tang shopping, ku mmg excited!

So dearies, pls pray tht I'll go through the next 7 weeks better than the previous pregnanies coz nothing means anything when u don't hv ur health! Ada duit berjuta pun tak de gunanya bila dah sakit ok!

So thx for ur continuous support coz u make Cynosure what it is today...I'm truly blessed n thankful for having supporters like u. Muahhhhhs!

To good health!!

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Swarovski Crystal Applicators

Dear ladies.

To those who have ordered the SC applicators, you may have to wait a bit longer as the supplier does not have the applicators in stock currently. My contact in the US is trying to get in touch with another supplier for the items. So please bear with us for a bit as we are trying our best to purchase the items for u. We hope to be able to purchase them before this week ends.

Due to this delay, the delivery of the SC casings and other tools, and also shoes will also be delayed as they all have to be shipped together to save on shipping.

We regret the inconvenience caused and will keep you updated on the above. The good thing is those who have missed the deadline to order the applicators may be able to submit ur orders before we submit the final order to purchase the items.

Thanks ladies!


Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Jersey : Gentle lilac J2
Style : TE (extra 2 inches labuh)
Awning : Cynosure /TS
Face size : M
Price : RM53
Status : Available

Jersey : Gentle lilac J2
Style : TE
Awning : Cynosure /TS
Face size : M
Price : RM51
Status : Available

Jersey : Baby Pink J2
Style : Mini (front length 34 cm)
Awning : Cynosure /TS
Face size : M
Price : RM46
Status : Available

Jersey : Baby Pink J2
Style : TE (extra 2 inches labuh)
Awning : Cynosure /TS
Face size : M
Price : RM53
Status : Available

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Jersey : Soft Pink Green
Style : Demi Husna ( concept mcm Husna but standard length)
Awning : Cynosure /TS
Face size : M
Price : RM62
Status : Available

Jersey : Soft Pink Green (berkaki)
Style : Husna
Awning : Cynosure /TS
Face size : M
Price : RM72
Status : Kak Sherry

Jersey : Bluish purple CJ
Style : TCT berawnuinf
Awning : Cynosure /TS
Face size : M
Price : RM55
Status : Available
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Monday, March 29, 2010

14th CE

Sorry la ek tudung tak berjahit pun dgn awning tu just nak tunjuk the awning that I'm going to match the jersey with, a two-tone that lends keanggunan to this jersey. The jersey has a shadow effect which I find unique on its own. The jerseys is not clingy, so it will fall cantik aje. I only hv 3 metres of this jersey, bidang 145 cm je lak tu. Not sure how many tudungs I may get frm this length, but I'll book in 5 pcs, the last one tu tak jak janji dpt. If tak cukup, akan ku refund ur deposit. :)

1. Ariana/DeCynosure/Demi TE - RM60
2. Ariana 11/DeCynosure 11/TE - RM63
3. Husna - RM70
4. TCT berawning -RM55
5. TCT - RM49

Order book :
1. Kak Sherry - Ariana labuh
2. Mashitoh - Demi TE
3. Yela - TCT berawning
4. UmmiAliff - Demi TE
5. UmmiAmmar -
Subject to availability of jersey

Pls email for availability, thx peeps!

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Hari Raya Tudung Order

Dear all,

May be ada yg tak ganti puasa lagi ( I ada 2 hari lagi!!), and we are already talking about tudung Raya!! Muahahaha! But seriously, betapa kacau bilau nya hidup bila order bertimbun2 and nak kejar deadline...I lost so much weight last puasa disebabkan the torture of meeting the deadlines dgn Bibi ku balik kampung seme, that my Raya CE tudung yg size M, seme jadik terkecik coz I used my face as the model for size M!!

Maka for this year, dimaklumkan pada my dearest customers, last date for acceptance of order is the 31st of July. You know la bulan puasa kan, dgn penat nya, dgn nak sembahyang terawikh, pas tu keje macam biasa during the day, maka capacity agak berkurangan di bulan yg mulia itu nanti.

Ramadhan starts on the 11th of August insyallah, my objective is to deliver all tudungs by the 2nd week of Ramadhan or 2 weeks before Raya. The last 2 weeks tu bagi can tokeh lak buat tudung for diri sendiri and sedara mara terdekat (for my mom, mil).

So my plan is the first 2 weeks of Ramadhan tu akan dikhaskan hanya untuk menepek SC to the CEAE and tudung2 u all nanti. The body tudung itself shld already be ready by then.

So yg nak tudung to match their baju raya, u have ample time to post me some sample swatches of ur fabrics for me to find the matching jerseys or chiffons. Ni yg paling afdal psl pics sometimes don't give u the exact shades.

For early birds, MTOs submitted during the following months, the deals are as follows :

April - 2 pcs or more in one shipment, free shipping via poslaju, deposit required is only 20% (vs 50% currently)
May - 3 pcs or more in one shipment, free shipping via poslaju, deposit required is only 30% (vs 50% currently)
June - 4 pcs or more in one shipment, free shipping via poslaju, deposit required is 40% (vs 50% currently)
July - 5 pcs or more in one shipment, free shipping via poslaju, deposit required is 50% (same as currently)

Pls take note the offers above are only for Raya MTOs, not applicable for normal MTOs as the Raya MTOs will only be ready within the month of August. The normal MTOs will enjoy free shipping for 5 pcs and above and will be ready within 2-3 weels from the date of submission of the MTO form, and the 50% deposit is applicable as per normal.

Also for early orders with request for SC ditepek unto ur tudungs, you will be charged upah price per batu of RM0.05 aje, vs RM0.10 if submited after June. Also subject to rege SC tu time tu, if current stock habis, n if I have to re-order urgently, the price may not be as good as now. So do take advantage of the current price now.

For puchases of SC saja, from the 15th of June, the price will be increased by RM0.02 per batu per size, to reflect the higher demand of the crystals due to the festive season nanti. So baik la u all borong cepat2, so if stock habis, I leh re-order. It takes about 4 weeks for the SC to be delivered to Malaysia.

As for any interest on CEAE, last date for submission is on the 15th of June, deadline awal sebab nak buat nya super renyah!!! And deposit required is only 30% (vs 50% previoulsy) of the total tudung value.

I take lower deposits for early orders coz ur tudung akan dpt dlm bulan 8, longer wait maka lower deposits. I'm fair if dpt siap awal, if orders yg lain2 tu masuk slowly, maka bonus la gitu ek!

So pls email for quotes, ok! Have a great week ahead!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

13th CE

Dah siap dah the 13th CE for those who managed to grab one. Enjoy!

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