Monday, March 29, 2010

14th CE

Sorry la ek tudung tak berjahit pun dgn awning tu just nak tunjuk the awning that I'm going to match the jersey with, a two-tone that lends keanggunan to this jersey. The jersey has a shadow effect which I find unique on its own. The jerseys is not clingy, so it will fall cantik aje. I only hv 3 metres of this jersey, bidang 145 cm je lak tu. Not sure how many tudungs I may get frm this length, but I'll book in 5 pcs, the last one tu tak jak janji dpt. If tak cukup, akan ku refund ur deposit. :)

1. Ariana/DeCynosure/Demi TE - RM60
2. Ariana 11/DeCynosure 11/TE - RM63
3. Husna - RM70
4. TCT berawning -RM55
5. TCT - RM49

Order book :
1. Kak Sherry - Ariana labuh
2. Mashitoh - Demi TE
3. Yela - TCT berawning
4. UmmiAliff - Demi TE
5. UmmiAmmar -
Subject to availability of jersey

Pls email for availability, thx peeps!

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