Thursday, April 30, 2009

New corduroy awnings

Some new corduroy awnings.

Beigey floral, green floral

Peachy pink floral, beigey floral

RM4 per pc

Cute matching!

I find this matching really cute!

J228 - RM32 per m
Peachy pink floral corduroy - RM4

p/s Can also be matched with J226.

Pls email for availability. Also open for made-to-order.

Printed Jerseys that require pre-booking

The jerseys here are for pre-booking only, they are not here yet, but will be here either mid of next month or end of next month.

Jap Abstract Printed Jersey
The 2 pics above are of the same printed jersey. Sgt cantik! It's Japanese, bidang 45", price is RM35 per m. Pre-booking fee is RM10 per m.

European design Cotton Jersey - RM34, bidang 45"
The fabric is really comfy. The design is European but it's made in Japan.
Fabric has arrived, open for orders! Also available as made-to-orders.
Pls submit format email for bookings. Thx!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Banyak sangat new J2!

You all, cantik2 sgt colours for the new J2s! And some tu the fabrics are thicker also than the normal J2 that you and I know. And all for u at RM32 per meter! Coding kat bwh is temporary, nnti later I akan change to a permanent one.

J201, J202, J203, J204, J205

J205, J206, J207, J208, J209, J210

J210, J211, J213, J214, J215, J216

J215, J216, J217, J218, J219

J220, J221, J222

J223, J224, J225

J226, J227, J228
And J2 off white A (lighter), and J2 off-white B (slightly creamy) and of course J2 black.

Lagi new printed jerseys!

Lagi new printed jerseys. Some dh ada seminggu dua, but some baru sampai le semlm.

Animal print.
RP RM46.80, ur price RM42. Bidang 58".
B&W flora CJ, B&w Optic illusion CJ
RP RM48.80, ur price RM43. Bidang 58''
Dull red abstract, dull purple abstract.
RP RM46.80, ur price RM42, bidang 58"

Cream brown bamboo leaves
RP RM46.80, ur price RM42 per m, bidang 58''

Leafy green, Viney blue
RP RM46.80, ur price RM42 per m. Bidang 58''.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cute Polakadot awning with Cream J1

I find this matching cute! Young and fresh! I'm a sucker for polkadots!

Cotton polkadot awning - RM4 per pc
J1 Cream - RM40 per m

Pls email for availability. Also open for made-to-order. Thx!

Knitted Jersey

This a fabric yg textured and very stretchy. It's knitted, unlike the normal jerseys u know.

From right : KJ 01, KJ 02, KJ 03, KJ 04, KJ 04

Printed Knitted Jerseys (PKJ) - RM38.80, ur price RM34 - bidang 45"

Pls submit format email for orders. Thx!

New printed jerseys - PL

Some printed jerseys that have arrived. SEmlm tak sempat nak upload on the blog, but sudah diwar2kan dlm mailing list, and sudah berjela org mengorder (korg mmg rakus!).

The fabric is nipis and lycra/spandex gitu. Disebabkan quality tu cam tu, rege pun more affordable leSo senang nk citer, I label it as Printed Licin/Lycra (PL). Colours mmg cun, colourful pastels gitu.

Frm right : PL 01, PL 02, PL 03, PL 04, PL 05

From right : PL 06, PL 07

From right : PL 08 SOLD OUT, PL 09 SOLD OUT, PL 10 SOLD OUT

Printed Lycra (PL) - RM32.80, ur price RM28 per meter, bidang 45"

Pls submit format email for orders. Thx!

Cynosure's Exclusive!

Finally, ni la pic of the 2nd Cynosure's Exclusive. Those yg tak tgk kain but ordered la kain nya. It looks better live...and texture of fabric is fantastic! This is made into an oblong, selamat dh owner dia pakai semlm, terbang for her umrah.

Some pics of Tudung

A customer asked me to do the double awning...she's my guinea pig as this was the first time I tried to do this type of awning. Feedback...leceh if use jersey as one of the layers! But if both TS or firm fabric like denim/cotton awnings...ok la...not so bad. So some of ur tudungs...yg lain2 belum lagi ye! Hopefully tonight I leh completekan the rest!

TE in B&W polkadotted squares

Ariana in Lilac abtsract (note tht the TS awning is lilac, not the same as the pic below)

TE in Lilac abstract

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Disebabkan I maha busy, maka I tak dpt lagi roll out the new Cynosure's Exclusive. Dgn camera dh tak de...susah betul nk buat kerja tanpa gadget2 ni!

So hopefully before end of this week, I dpt tepek kat sini the new jersey.

Thanking you for ur patience!

Friday, April 17, 2009


J2a yg dari yellow ke bawah- RM35 per m.
J2b dari yellow ke atas - RM32
Harga berbeza psl yg J2a tu yg batch lama, yg dorg dpt at a higher price. Yg J2b lak batch yg baru sampai yg they managed to get at a lower price.

p/s Fuchsia colour yg 2nd from the top tu is actually J1, so dorg dh tersalah letak. And they do have soft pink in J2, kaler sama dgn J1 soft pink.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Goldish Camel Set


This set is limited.
Goldish camel awning - RM4
JJ Skin colour - RM32 per mtr (only cut in 1 mtr pieces)

* JJ - the thickness of J1, but the stretch properties of J2.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The newly arrived J1s

From left to right:
black, pale, mustard, light lilac

pale green

sweet pink, soft pink, maroon, light choc

maroon, purple, hijau lumut, bluish purple

cream, ashy purple, ashy purplish blue, dark brown

dark brown, greenish grey, strong pink, brownish pink

dark red, dark berry, navy blue, deep plum

some-kinda-purple, black, turquoise, light plum, light blue, dirty plum

gorgeous pink, light lilac, barbie pink, brownish plum, pale

berry plum, light orange, lavender, dark dark purple

red feather cj, grape, B&w feather cj, b&w abstract cj
red abstrct cj, mustard, pink bata, grape
J1 - RM40 per m
Printed CJ - RM43 per m

Tudung Dyana

Ni la owner Tudung Dyana, amik sempena nama dia , Diyana, sbb dia bwk tudung ni masa dia dtg for private session. Ni tgh tunggu lagi dia hantar template yg dia dh improvised. I ni mmg hampeh when it comes to drawing templates frm scratch! All my templates were drawn by my fellow 'tailors'! Cuma my Tudung Jakarta template aje yg I drew sendiri, I bukak the ori tudung Jakarta and copy frm there (nasib la murah!).

Monday, April 13, 2009

Project tudung hujung minggu

Ni la some of the tudungs yg dh berjaya dibuat over the weekend, yg 3 lagi dh siap pack. Sungguh bahagia jahit kain J1, J1 Jap and JJ compared to jersey hijau tu!! Tak stresslangsung...smooth as a breeze je jahit seme ni.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tempahan Tudung di Tutup

Dear ladies,

Disebabkan overwhelming orders coming in for made-to order tudungs, I terpaksa tutup pengambilan tempahan buat sementara waktu. I nak habiskan segala outstanding tempahan to-date. Those yg dh sumbit format email for tempahan up to yesterday, I will accept the orders. Orders akan dibuka semula dalam 2 minggu, 22nd of April, psl on that date I akan roll-out another exclusively Cynosure's Made-to-Orders, cantik kain with some design yg cam circles...sgt anggun and cantik for majlis2 or pakai ke ofis. Kain sgt2 lembut...sure menyusahkan I nnti kain ni! Sgt cantik as an oblong...something different for a change, or a TE (I love this tudung but hate to sew it!!). I will dedicate 2 weeks to make it. Sempat la time gaji u all! :p

So yg dh tempah tudung, I apologise for the delays...semua will get ur tudung before the 22nd. I'm humbled by your patience. You're the best customers one can ever have!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Inners with elastic gathers

Inners with elastic gathers. RM13 ea.
Top row - peachy orange SOLD, reddish orange
Bottom - Powder Pink SOLD

Benang Jahit Tepi

Saja nak tunjuk benang2 jahit tepi, ada antara ni yg tak de org punya, nnti bila seme dh collect benang masing2, i will tepek yg mana up for sale ye.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Arm covers

Arm covers made from very comfy and light fabric. Suitable to be worn with short-sleeved tops. RM8.90 per pair.

Top row frm left to right - Black ( SOLD OUT), grey (SOLD), off-white (SOLD), green (SOLD)
Mid row - peachy pink (2 pairs), plum (1 pair, 1 SOLD), soft pink (SOLD), brown (SOLD)
Bottom row- lavender (1 pair), dark purple (SOLD), light skin colour (3pairs, 1 SOLD), yellow (SOLD)

Pls email for availability. Immediate payment is required upon clearance on availability.

More awnings!

Washable brocades - RM4 ea
Green, pink (sold out)

Goldish camel (sold out), greyish blue (sold out) - RM4 ea

Comel2 awnings - RM5 ea
Purple(sold out), Green, Pink (sold out), Orange (sold out)

Light purple n orange, brown camouflage, white rings - RM4 ea.

Pls email for availability. Thx!