Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tempahan Tudung di Tutup

Dear ladies,

Disebabkan overwhelming orders coming in for made-to order tudungs, I terpaksa tutup pengambilan tempahan buat sementara waktu. I nak habiskan segala outstanding tempahan to-date. Those yg dh sumbit format email for tempahan up to yesterday, I will accept the orders. Orders akan dibuka semula dalam 2 minggu, 22nd of April, psl on that date I akan roll-out another exclusively Cynosure's Made-to-Orders, cantik kain with some design yg cam circles...sgt anggun and cantik for majlis2 or pakai ke ofis. Kain sgt2 lembut...sure menyusahkan I nnti kain ni! Sgt cantik as an oblong...something different for a change, or a TE (I love this tudung but hate to sew it!!). I will dedicate 2 weeks to make it. Sempat la time gaji u all! :p

So yg dh tempah tudung, I apologise for the delays...semua will get ur tudung before the 22nd. I'm humbled by your patience. You're the best customers one can ever have!

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