Friday, April 3, 2009

Arm covers

Arm covers made from very comfy and light fabric. Suitable to be worn with short-sleeved tops. RM8.90 per pair.

Top row frm left to right - Black ( SOLD OUT), grey (SOLD), off-white (SOLD), green (SOLD)
Mid row - peachy pink (2 pairs), plum (1 pair, 1 SOLD), soft pink (SOLD), brown (SOLD)
Bottom row- lavender (1 pair), dark purple (SOLD), light skin colour (3pairs, 1 SOLD), yellow (SOLD)

Pls email for availability. Immediate payment is required upon clearance on availability.


Azlina said...

sis.....panjang mana yek arm cover ni?

JV Cynosure said...

40 cm