Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Banyak sangat new J2!

You all, cantik2 sgt colours for the new J2s! And some tu the fabrics are thicker also than the normal J2 that you and I know. And all for u at RM32 per meter! Coding kat bwh is temporary, nnti later I akan change to a permanent one.

J201, J202, J203, J204, J205

J205, J206, J207, J208, J209, J210

J210, J211, J213, J214, J215, J216

J215, J216, J217, J218, J219

J220, J221, J222

J223, J224, J225

J226, J227, J228
And J2 off white A (lighter), and J2 off-white B (slightly creamy) and of course J2 black.

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