Friday, April 3, 2009

New printed jerseys - Part 11

Cute cotton jersey - Rm34 per mtr SOLD OUT
1m x 2 pcs
1. rose
2. kimi

Black & purple cotton jersey - RM34 per mtr
1.2 m pc available SOLD

Lilac abstract - RM34 per mtr
Only 1 m is available SOLD

Zebra - RM34 per mtr
0.5m x pcs(for oblong) SOLD OUT
1. cat
2. rose
3. rosnane

1m x 2 pcs SOLD OUT
2. kak da

1.1m x 1 PC SOLD
1. kimi

Brown grey floral squares - RM34 per mtr -sheer kat flower petals
1m x 5 pcs available

Blue grey floral squares - RM34 pr mtr - sheer at flower petals
5m, can be cut at reasonable lengths
Sold out

B&w floral - RM34 per mtr- very soft, must handle with care.
1 m available

Pls email for availability. Immediate s required once availability is cleared. Thx!

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