Thursday, April 30, 2009

Printed Jerseys that require pre-booking

The jerseys here are for pre-booking only, they are not here yet, but will be here either mid of next month or end of next month.

Jap Abstract Printed Jersey
The 2 pics above are of the same printed jersey. Sgt cantik! It's Japanese, bidang 45", price is RM35 per m. Pre-booking fee is RM10 per m.

European design Cotton Jersey - RM34, bidang 45"
The fabric is really comfy. The design is European but it's made in Japan.
Fabric has arrived, open for orders! Also available as made-to-orders.
Pls submit format email for bookings. Thx!


JV Cynosure said...

Sapa2 nak tgk Jap printed jersey tu, sila la dtg umah!

JV Cynosure said...

sample dh ada kat i. stocknya tak sampai lagi...jgn salah faham ek!