Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SC Applicators

Dear all,

We have submitted your orders for the SC, unfortunately, we still have to wait until the supplier re-stocks the items. Tiba2 ada shortage lak of the applicators. So pls, pls sabar ye. Sellers yg ada stock jual mahal amat, wth shipping seme it will cost more than RM150! So I'd rather wait. Maka seme brg2 lain pun terpaksa tunggu lagi. Once brg dh shipped out from the seller to my contact over there, I will let u know.

Ampun n maaf for the delay!

Dah siap!

Dear ladies,

Those who hv ordered the 14th CE, sudah siap semuanya. Pls submit bop masing2 ye, add RM5 for shipping yg dlm KL and RM6 for shipping yg luar kl if ur order 1 tudung aje. If more than that, add RM1 more to the shipping.

For Mashitoh, ur dope light akan siap on Thursday, so shipping for u will be on Friday or Monday, together with the 14th CE. Satu je masalah, I buat Cyno awning instead of tergantung for both. Yg dope light tu mmg i consciouly buat Cyno awning psl for jersey awning, i rasa kemas lagi if the interface tu sampai tepi. But yg 14th CE tu, terlajak perahu! If u hv issues with this, pls email me ye.

Wan Nur Saaraa tudung pun dh siap, pls complete bop wth RM5 shipping.

Kak Cheqchom ur dope light in green dh siap juga, pls complete bop ye, shipping for u is RM8.

Shipping will be done tomorrow yg complete bop before 12 noon esok. Except for Kak Sherry, psl ur dopelight tgh dlm process. Nnti dh siap, akan ku post seme 5 pcs sekali harung ek...free shipping gitu!

Sorry la tak larat nk email sorang, pala n tekak ni tgh tak betul.

I'm on MC, mmg lembik compounded with flu n cough. Esok i'll be back to work hence the P.O. trip. Eeyanz, ur bling2 pun esok baru dpt pos psl tak de org nk tolong i gi PO hari ni.

Tu je for today, thx dear all for ur patience and understanding.

Hv a good week!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dope Light Jerseys

Dear all,

Good news! Kedai now tgh sale, maka Jerseys ni pun tgh sale. Frm RP RM38.80, my price to u is now RM32. I love the texture of the kain, very smooth. Highly recommended!

The older printed jerseys tgh massive sale, RM33, B1F1 vs RM40 per m sebelum ni. Gila murah tu! Yg recent nya collection now is RM37 vs RM40 previously.

So order away ya!


Friday, April 9, 2010

A morning person at the mo!

A the moment, I'm a morning person. Malam balik mmg flat satu mcm. By 9.30 dh masuk bilik...10 pm gitu dh off to zzzzzz-land! So urusan seme u will fnd me responding in the morning. Buat masa ni ek. I dunno how it's gonna be next week onwards.

Kain dope light (memandai aku tulis toplite sebelum ni!), udah sampai. and ada a few new ones also it seems, today ku pergi amik gambar ek n upload this weekend. so if ada yg interested nak order, try submitting ur orders asap, sebelum badai melanda! yg nak J1, J2 printed seme pls submit cepat2. next week kita go shopping spree.

Kena buat kerja cepat2 sikit now!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Apa dah jadi??!

Dear ladies,

Disebabkan kesilapan teknikal, I am now 6 weeks pregnant! It's a shocker to me esp when I've closed the pregnancy chapter in my life...instead of enjoying my children growing up, I may hv to nurse yet another child at the end if this year all over again!

As for my previous pregnancies, the first trimester is a very trying & challenging phase of the pregnancy. The non-stop vomitting, the totally vegetable state I'd be in, time tu dunia terbalik pun I wouldn't care less, coz in my body, serba serbi terbalik n tunggang langgang dibuat dek the preggy hormones. Ad strong as I am in most things, I totally lose out to the adversed effects of the preggy hormones. This will start hitting full-blown in 2 weeks time, angin sepoi2 dh terasa now, n shld last until week 13-14. So I see myself coming out of this horrible phase by end of May.

So due to the above, my assistant will be taking over the full production of the tudungs until I'm well enough to get back into the groove. Currently she only does the tepek awning n cantum depan, I do everything else frm cutting, tepek interface to awning, coverstitch n ironing of the edges. She's good, she has her own clientele. I will still do the quality inspection, as only tudungs tht pass my QC will be sent out to my customers, I don't compromise on quality, I'm sure U
all know tht by now!

So, ladies, business will continue as usual- fabric, sc, shuz, mto, CE - berjln spt biasa. Cuma I jadi salesperson je instead of the producer!! Hehehe! I'd be back in full gear in time for raya MTOs. Possibly ada la mende2 yg related to pregnancies yg akan ku intro di sini nnti! So watch this space from June onwards, most likely preggers' clothes n shuz! Tang shopping, ku mmg excited!

So dearies, pls pray tht I'll go through the next 7 weeks better than the previous pregnanies coz nothing means anything when u don't hv ur health! Ada duit berjuta pun tak de gunanya bila dah sakit ok!

So thx for ur continuous support coz u make Cynosure what it is today...I'm truly blessed n thankful for having supporters like u. Muahhhhhs!

To good health!!

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Swarovski Crystal Applicators

Dear ladies.

To those who have ordered the SC applicators, you may have to wait a bit longer as the supplier does not have the applicators in stock currently. My contact in the US is trying to get in touch with another supplier for the items. So please bear with us for a bit as we are trying our best to purchase the items for u. We hope to be able to purchase them before this week ends.

Due to this delay, the delivery of the SC casings and other tools, and also shoes will also be delayed as they all have to be shipped together to save on shipping.

We regret the inconvenience caused and will keep you updated on the above. The good thing is those who have missed the deadline to order the applicators may be able to submit ur orders before we submit the final order to purchase the items.

Thanks ladies!