Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dah siap!

Dear ladies,

Those who hv ordered the 14th CE, sudah siap semuanya. Pls submit bop masing2 ye, add RM5 for shipping yg dlm KL and RM6 for shipping yg luar kl if ur order 1 tudung aje. If more than that, add RM1 more to the shipping.

For Mashitoh, ur dope light akan siap on Thursday, so shipping for u will be on Friday or Monday, together with the 14th CE. Satu je masalah, I buat Cyno awning instead of tergantung for both. Yg dope light tu mmg i consciouly buat Cyno awning psl for jersey awning, i rasa kemas lagi if the interface tu sampai tepi. But yg 14th CE tu, terlajak perahu! If u hv issues with this, pls email me ye.

Wan Nur Saaraa tudung pun dh siap, pls complete bop wth RM5 shipping.

Kak Cheqchom ur dope light in green dh siap juga, pls complete bop ye, shipping for u is RM8.

Shipping will be done tomorrow yg complete bop before 12 noon esok. Except for Kak Sherry, psl ur dopelight tgh dlm process. Nnti dh siap, akan ku post seme 5 pcs sekali harung ek...free shipping gitu!

Sorry la tak larat nk email sorang, pala n tekak ni tgh tak betul.

I'm on MC, mmg lembik compounded with flu n cough. Esok i'll be back to work hence the P.O. trip. Eeyanz, ur bling2 pun esok baru dpt pos psl tak de org nk tolong i gi PO hari ni.

Tu je for today, thx dear all for ur patience and understanding.

Hv a good week!


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