Sunday, May 31, 2009

Weekend Project

The balance of this weekend project. Berpeluh nak menyiapkan semua dlm 1 1/2 hari..makluma le...kita tak laju! :P

Berderet lagi yg nak kena siapkan...fuh, nasib la i dah tutup order, if not my Exclusive tah bila leh roll-out. Don't fret gorgeous buyers....just jln2 kat my followers' blogs. Tempahan may be dibuka semula lagi 3 minggu.

Silver paisley brocade.

Purple peacock aka itik purple.

Lilac G

Usaha2 gigih over the weekend. Owners of the tudung, tidak boleh ku pos esok..psl tak larat nak buat kotak dh mlm ni! Esok mlm akan ku buat and Tuesday akan dipost. So sapa yg tak buat BOP lagi tu, buat la dgn kadar segera ek!

CJ01 as Oblong

Ni ada customer yg sgt cantik dtg umah cari kain n awnings. So dia sudah menerai itu CJ01 oblong. I terus suh dia posing...hehehhe...nk tunjuk rupa oblong ni after di pakai. Thx, Shida!

Japanese Printed Jersey

As an Ariana.
Sgt cantik jersey ni dh jadik tudung. The jersey is still available. RM35 per m. I think as a TE would be perfect!


As an oblong

Fabric is still available at the store, I think!

Pelbagai CJ02

As tudung CT - side view - ni cutting slightly smaller than the CJ01

Front view


p/s kain ni surprisingly gorgeous bila dh jadik tudung. I may have enough for 1 Tudung CT, ple email for availability.

Pelbagai CJ01

Ni semua yg orang tempah. I love sewing cotton jerseys, smooth as a breeze!

Tudung CT - side view. Ni cutting dia besar sikit.

Tudung CT - front view

As an oblong - I love oblongs!

oblong -Front view

p/s Both oblong and TE ni owner yg sama, saja je dia nak satu awning deep plum, satu black. I still hv some fabric for made-to-orders. Pls email for availability. Only for those who CAN wait...hehehhe!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Peachy Pink Floral Corduroy Set

J228 - RM32 per m
Peachy Pink Floral Corduroy awning - RM4 per pc

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dark Purple Set as Ariana

This is an Ariana made frm Dark Purple Set.
Jersey is MQ in dark purple. Jersey is readily available in 1m cuts. RM28 per m.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jerseys available for sale

Lycra jersey - RM34 per m - 1m pc only

Lycra stripey - RM34 per m - 1m pc only - booked by Nur Azlina

Purple abstract, jersey looks better live. RM34 per m, 1m pc only. SOLD

Grey pastel abstract - RM34 per m, 1m x 2 pcs only. SOLD 1M, 1M booked by Nur Azlina

Pls email for availability. Full payment is required upon clearance of availability.

Stripey Lycra Jersey

A lycra jersey bought in SG, made into an oblong. I didn't actually buy to sell coz it's a bit pricey...for my own collection sebenarnya psl I soooo love stripey jerseys. But my good fren ni nak we shared the 1 m jersey and I made her an oblong. Pendek le sikit.


Chiffon silk

Some chiffon silk/silk opal available. One design one piece only.


Booked by Baizura


Friday, May 22, 2009

Last call for MQ Jerseys!

Dear all,

Those yg ada order MQ jerseys last week before noon on Friday, pls email me, psl ur order dh ada except sorang. I seriously couldnt trace ur mesti tak submit FE! Penting sgt2 FE ni u all!

And those yg nk order, pls submit ur orders by 10 pm on Friday. Kain will be available on Tuesday next week.

The price is RM28 per m. Colours available:-

1. Black-
2. Dark brown
3. Blue-1m - readily available
4. Striking blue
5. Reddish maroon
6. Green- 1m readily available
7. Dark berryish purple
8. Dark purple (as shown in Dark Purple Set)- 1m x 3 pcs readily available
9. Off-white

Soon there will be other colours, hopefully more vibrant!

Tomorrow/today (whtever!) will be my shopping day, sapa2 yg ada last min orders, pls submit FE with 50% deposit by 10 am. Orders without deposit will not be entertained, sorry ek! Esok I'll be super duper busy, so sapa2 yg tak buat BOP lagi, pls do so by 10 am if u want me to post ur kain esok. I'll be super duper busy tomorrow, I will squeeze PO visit as and when I hv a lull moment.

Yg nak collect kain frm my hse, pls do so on Friday night and Saturday morning, psl I'd be away unti Monday. I'd be on leave on Tuesday, so sapa2 nk dtg umah amik, tgk kain, etc...pls feel free. But do call first, mana tau I have to go back to work ke...mmg timing teruk gila la...time tgh busy ya amat!

I wont be able to layan u all during the day nnti, so any queries ke hapa, pls email n I'd answer tonight.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Dear all,

Last acceptance for made-to-orders will be this Friday, 22/5. Pas ni tempahan ditutup buat sementara waktu because I'll be rolling out Cynosure's 3rd Exclusive in 2 weeks.

To those yg nak tempah tudung after the 22/5, just browse the blogs of my followers, ramai yg amik tempahan and tak kurang juga yg offer readymades (for yg jenis tak leh nak tunggu!! :P). And to Cynosure's followers...this is my way of saying thanks for your support. I strive to give you the best quality of fabrics.

Next week, I will unveil some chiffon fabrics for ur Raya outfits. I will pair terus dgn lining...senang nnti u all tak yah byk kerja nak cari lining lak. And for yg nak tempah tudung guna sikit of ur chiffon for awning, akan dibuka special request ni sepanjang June. Only chiffon fabrics that are offered by Cynosure.

I'm hoping by July, I'd be able to offer readymade tudungs. Berangan tak sudah! :P


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tudung Project over the Weekend

Some of the tudungs tht I managed to complete over the weekend. 2 more dh selamat dgn owner, tak sempat nak amik gambar.

Owners of the tudungs below, sabar ye...kita post either Tuesday or Wed, nak kena buat kotak seme. Maklum la, seme improvised awnings!

Polkadot awning wth J1 navy blue

Polkadot awning with J1 Cream

Maroonish leafy jersey

Gorgeous pink abstrac
Dlm gambar lari le kaler dia! The awning is actually the same one as the CJ01a, burgundy gitu. This jersey is really gorgeous live! It's soft...must handle with care. Those who would like a made-to-order tudung with this jersey, pls email me, thx!

Creamy brown ala Chanel design as TE
Kaler awning kat sini pun lari sikit, coz it's 2-toned, kena flash jadi lain. The fabric is heavenly to the touch...sedap sgt! I may have fabric enough for 2 TE/Ariana. Only for made-to-order. Pls email for availability.

Lagi printed jersey

RP RM46.80, ur price RM42, bidang 58"




Pls submit FE. Thx!

Deep Mustard J2 with Mustard Brocade

J2 Deep Mustard - RM32 per m
Mustard Brocade - RM6

Friday, May 15, 2009

G Brocade Matching Ideas

Here are some matching ideas for your to consider. G awnings RM6 per pc (37cmx25xm). Pls take note tht brocades are not stable, some shrink when in contact with water, some don't, to be safe, dry-cleaned! Otherwise, do soak it before use. Brocades can be bought in whatever length, RP RM49.80 per m, ur price RM45 per m.

Lilac G wth J2 dark purple

Lilac G with J1 light lilac

Light blue G with J1 light blue (out of stock but J2 light blue jersey is available, can also match with J2 turquoise).

Mustard Green wth J1 mustard green

CJs Matching Ideas

Here are some matching ideas for Cjs. Awnings are 2 ply TS, RM6 per pc, CJ RM43 per m.

CJ01a - Sold out at the shop. Only available for Cynosure's made-to-orders, limited units available. Pls email for availability.




Pls email for availability. Thx!

Some more matching ideas