Friday, May 8, 2009

Cotton Jersey baru!!!

You all, cantik2 cotton jersey yg baru sampai! Fresh from the oven, ur the first to view it here. Tokeh kedai dh pandai pilih jersey. These are cotton jerseys. Price RP RM48.80, ur price RM43, bidang 58". Grab them while they are still available! I rasa by Monday, tak tau ada ke tak lagi yg the first 5 pics ni!!

CJ01- Sold Out at the shop! Available for Cynosure's made-to-orders, pls email for availability.

CJ02 - sold out

CJ03- sold out

CJ04- sold out
CJ18- Sold out



CJ07, CJ08

CJ09, CJ10, CJ11



CJ14 - sold out
CJ16 (ada 2 m available), CJ17 (SOLD OUT)
Tiny pink buds CJ is back! SOLD OUT

Ada a few people yg interested nak buat baju from jerseys...I feel some of these designs would be gorgeous as tops .

Pls submit format email, thx!
P/s to those yg nak singgah rumah tgk2 kain, ni la masa nya...I ada jersey readystock for the first 6 pics. Any lengths. Call first ye if ur planning to come so tht I'd be home.


susi said...

ya allah dah out of budget bulan ni....nafsu2

JV Cynosure said...

muahahhaha! tu le...meruntun kalbu!

cikpon79 said...

yela, cj04 & cj18 tu different ke? kaler ape tu yer...? last friday i ada beli 1m tp x sure which one coz ada 1 jer time tu...nak order lg ngan u nak confirm kaler tu dulu