Sunday, May 17, 2009

Tudung Project over the Weekend

Some of the tudungs tht I managed to complete over the weekend. 2 more dh selamat dgn owner, tak sempat nak amik gambar.

Owners of the tudungs below, sabar ye...kita post either Tuesday or Wed, nak kena buat kotak seme. Maklum la, seme improvised awnings!

Polkadot awning wth J1 navy blue

Polkadot awning with J1 Cream

Maroonish leafy jersey

Gorgeous pink abstrac
Dlm gambar lari le kaler dia! The awning is actually the same one as the CJ01a, burgundy gitu. This jersey is really gorgeous live! It's soft...must handle with care. Those who would like a made-to-order tudung with this jersey, pls email me, thx!

Creamy brown ala Chanel design as TE
Kaler awning kat sini pun lari sikit, coz it's 2-toned, kena flash jadi lain. The fabric is heavenly to the touch...sedap sgt! I may have fabric enough for 2 TE/Ariana. Only for made-to-order. Pls email for availability.

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