Friday, May 22, 2009

Last call for MQ Jerseys!

Dear all,

Those yg ada order MQ jerseys last week before noon on Friday, pls email me, psl ur order dh ada except sorang. I seriously couldnt trace ur mesti tak submit FE! Penting sgt2 FE ni u all!

And those yg nk order, pls submit ur orders by 10 pm on Friday. Kain will be available on Tuesday next week.

The price is RM28 per m. Colours available:-

1. Black-
2. Dark brown
3. Blue-1m - readily available
4. Striking blue
5. Reddish maroon
6. Green- 1m readily available
7. Dark berryish purple
8. Dark purple (as shown in Dark Purple Set)- 1m x 3 pcs readily available
9. Off-white

Soon there will be other colours, hopefully more vibrant!

Tomorrow/today (whtever!) will be my shopping day, sapa2 yg ada last min orders, pls submit FE with 50% deposit by 10 am. Orders without deposit will not be entertained, sorry ek! Esok I'll be super duper busy, so sapa2 yg tak buat BOP lagi, pls do so by 10 am if u want me to post ur kain esok. I'll be super duper busy tomorrow, I will squeeze PO visit as and when I hv a lull moment.

Yg nak collect kain frm my hse, pls do so on Friday night and Saturday morning, psl I'd be away unti Monday. I'd be on leave on Tuesday, so sapa2 nk dtg umah amik, tgk kain, etc...pls feel free. But do call first, mana tau I have to go back to work ke...mmg timing teruk gila la...time tgh busy ya amat!

I wont be able to layan u all during the day nnti, so any queries ke hapa, pls email n I'd answer tonight.

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