Monday, May 11, 2009


Some of the brocades that hv arrived at the shop. They are more gorgeous somehow couldn't show the brilliance of the brocades.

Light blue G

Lilac, black G

Dark purple, pink G

Brown G
The G comes in ther colours too - Red, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Mustard Green and of course Tahlil (off-white)

Mustard brocade

Blue brocade
37cm x 25cm - RM6
For a bigger size, I will update u tomorrow, coz tonight I'm going to soak one piece of the G, and see what's the final size I get.
Okay, setelah having soaked one piece of the pink G overnight, I find if cut melintang (susah i nak explain), I can offer the same size 37cm x 25cm pre-shrunk. Post-shrunk, dia akan jadi 37cm x 23 cm. So very ok for improvised Ariana awning. For Ariana ori awning, u wll hv 1 cm basi aje kat crown. Just make sure u soak it overnight before u sew, ok. Ni experiment for G awning aje...yg lain2 I tak buat experiment pun! So price remains the same.
But u have an option to buy whetever lengths, 0.25m, 0.5m, etc...price is RM45 per meter (RP RM49.80).
Some people say the paisley brocades don't shrink. Nor the cherry blossom. Pls share with us ur experience with these 2 brocades...shrink or stable? Appreciate ur input! Thx!


~akuni~ said...

Yela, macam mana ujikaji you tu, givenchy mengecut tak? Sy pun dah rendam tp x prsn pun 'pengecutan' nya, mcm ok je... (psstt... hari tu sy ckp kat uncle tu kata nanti mengecut jadi pendek, I suspected dia potong lebih sikit... hahahah...)

~akuni~ said...

Nak tmbh sikit... last time sy beli brocade (x tau jenis apa, tp beli kat ss2 gak le) warna purple, bunga halus dan ada corak macam reben, yg tu lps rendam mmg mengecut sikit

JV Cynosure said...

ooo..yg i panggil sweet purple brocade...shrink gak ek.

result of my ujikaji tu i dh tepek kat brocade nya posting tu. sebelum ni i cut 0.25cm pas tu cut into two...mmg mengecut sideways!

but bila i cut 0.37 (for panjang awning), dpt 3 keping...cut mcm ni dia tak shrink sideways, dia shrink kat lebar ok la.