Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Dear all,

Last acceptance for made-to-orders will be this Friday, 22/5. Pas ni tempahan ditutup buat sementara waktu because I'll be rolling out Cynosure's 3rd Exclusive in 2 weeks.

To those yg nak tempah tudung after the 22/5, just browse the blogs of my followers, ramai yg amik tempahan and tak kurang juga yg offer readymades (for yg jenis tak leh nak tunggu!! :P). And to Cynosure's followers...this is my way of saying thanks for your support. I strive to give you the best quality of fabrics.

Next week, I will unveil some chiffon fabrics for ur Raya outfits. I will pair terus dgn lining...senang nnti u all tak yah byk kerja nak cari lining lak. And for yg nak tempah tudung guna sikit of ur chiffon for awning, akan dibuka special request ni sepanjang June. Only chiffon fabrics that are offered by Cynosure.

I'm hoping by July, I'd be able to offer readymade tudungs. Berangan tak sudah! :P



Kerlipan Amila Nur said...

Haruslah u berangan to offer ready made tudungs coz i selalu berangan nk beli tudung ready made from u! ;p

JV Cynosure said...

muahahhaha! tah bila la angan2 kita tu akan menjadi realiti!