Thursday, December 11, 2008

How to Pay

After you've decided on your order, you may bank in the first 50% deposit payment to :

Bank : Maybank Berhad
Account No : 564324132253,
Account Name : Amizan Abd Hamid
Email :
H/P : 012-6672045
Bank : CIMB Bank
Account Number : 12240006126059
Account Name : Amizan Abdul Hamid

Once it gets through, copy the reference and paste it to the Format Email with details of your order and click the submit button.

[Do note that Format Email without deposit payment reference will not be processed; deposits without Format Email will not be processed either, see where m going with this? :)]

Assuming that all the above is done, we will process your order and prepare for shipping. You will be notified to deposit the balance payment to the above account before we send out your order.

Remember, email us the reference so that your parcel can be shipped out.

Note - Please write the above email address at the MBB online transfer so that I will get notification. Also, very important, dont forget your real name so I can track the payments.

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