Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sets Ready Stock

These are stocks in hand, it can be shipped out immediately. Just make your full payment and submit the Format Mail and we will send it to you asap :)

There is only one available in stock *yela update length & price pls*

6 sets J1 0.8m & Brocade = RM38 + RM6 postage - SET IS OPEN FOR BOOKING NOW!
The color of this set is actually green base. its what they call "hijau itik seranti" or hijau tudung ikin-mawi :)

4 Sets of J1 Dark Blue 0.8m & Silver Flower Brocade = RM38 + RM6 postage
(this set is the same as SK4)


Cybermama said...

Okay Sis, I'm booking this Sets and also SK5-maroon body Sets. Will bank the money once you let me know the shipping cost for both.

JV Cynosure said...

cybermama - SK5 ade changes. the brocade out of stock. we posted a new set to replace it. will book this ready set for u first.

Cybermama said...

oic,..yg SK7 tu still available tak? kalau available then i book for SK7 lah, Sets only. Thanks

JV Cynosure said...

so ur taking the new SK5, and SK7 kain only plus the itik seranti set??

Cybermama said... I take SK4 and SK7(replace for SK5 yg awning dah habis tu) Sets only. SK5 ngan yg itik seranti set tu I taknak. Sori for the miscommunication.

seroja said...

sis yela..

set kain jersi kaler hijau itik serati tu ada lagi tak?
nak order la..

JV Cynosure said...

seroja, kain jersy itik seranti tu ada lagi, awning dia aje yg dh sold out kat kedai.

Bunnybaby said...


Kain jersey itik seranti (without awning) ada lagi ke? If sold separately (not in sets), how much?