Sunday, December 14, 2008

Jersey Dress

Jersey top

2 pcs available - RM55 (does't come with a tudung) - 1 pc booked by penguin
Short jersey dress
2 pcs available, in a)black and white and b) tan and black (SOLD) - comes with matching tudungs. Looks good with a pair of skinny jeans - RM55
Long dresses

Black and white abstract -RM59

Brown/black/white floral dress, comes with a matching tudung - RM59

Black & white floral dress, comes with a matching tudung - RM59. booked by azniza

The matching tudungs for the above dresses. Free size for all dresses, made of very comfortable cool jersey fabric.


Top40 said...

Jersey Dress ni ada saiz apa?Tudung dia harga lain ke?

JV Cynosure said...

Dia free size, tudung comes with the dress, 1 package, price is all inclusive.

Kak Ton said...

yela, i tengok dress ni kt hajaba td..seratus lebey lah. yg corset tu rm100..apedaaa..

JV Cynosure said...

tu le! kira mine ni rege borong tau! rugi tak amik now..coz pas ni tak de dah.