Thursday, December 11, 2008

Starter's Kit

Here's what you'll get in the Starter's Kit

1. One Jersey fabric for the body - 0.8m
2. One Thai Silk or Brocade or Cotton fabric for the awning
3. Ariana's, Hajabi's, Lyd's awning templates
4. Ariana's awning interface in Kain Gam
4. Ariania's body template
5. Hajabi's oblong template
6. Yelawarrah T-large
6. Instructions on how to put them together will be posted here in the blog.

Price :
Thai Silk Awning SK = RM45 + RM6 Postage for one Kit
Brocade Awning SK = RM45 + RM6 Postage for one Kit

*Note : The RM6 standard postage charges may vary depending on total weight of order (if you order more that is). We will inform you of any shortfall before posting. This standard postage fee only applies to deliveries within Semenanjung Malaysia.

So now..lets get started!

Starter's Kit Code : SK3 - Jersey & Brocade

The lavender jersey is currently out of stock until further notice.

Starter's Kit Code : SK4 - Jersey & Brocade

Starter's Kit Code : SK5 - Jersey & Brocade
We have a choice of black jersey body, or dark maroon as shown here.
The jersey colour is much darker than is captured by the camera. It's merah hati gitu.

Starter's Kit/Set Code : SK/SET 6 - Jersey & Brocad

The awning is more to a pink color, xdapat capture in picture, reflection makes it look like plum:) The plum jersey is currently out of stock until further notice. You can opt for soft pink jersey instead.

Starter's Kit/ SET Code : SK/SET 7 - Jersey & Brocade

Dear ladies, the jersey for this is not as dark as the pic, psl the dark maroon doesnt quite match with the awning sgt.

Starter's Kit Code : SK8 - Jersey Printed & Thai Silk


Itik Pepel *jgn marah tokey..i like d name!

Corak similar to kain itik seranti under ready stock. *haz, gadis pepel, sila la book satu!*

Itik Seranti Set/SK - Permanently out of stock!
The color of this set is actually green base. its what they call "hijau itik seranti" or hijau tudung ikin-mawi :)

Floral Thai Silk SKs (rm45)/Sets (RM37)
The foral thai silk is limited to only 12 pc per design/colour.

Blue Floral SK/Set - Blue floral TS is sold out, jersey still available

With Flash

Without flash

Purple Floral SK/Set

With flash

Without flash

Mustard Brown Floral SK/Set

With flash

Wthout flash

Grey Floral SK/Set sold out
(This is the same TS as the Blue Floral SK/Set above, the grey jersey is another match choice for the TS)

With flash

Without flASH

Black maroon SK/Set ( TS can be matched with orange or black jersey also)

With flash

Without flash

Brown maroon SK/Set (12 pcs available)

Wthout flash

Mustard Floral SK/Set
(TS is the same as the Brown Maroon SK/Set above, the mustard jersey is another match choice for the TS).

With flash

Wthout flash

p/s Maroon jersey shown here for the Floral SK/Set is the same as shown in the pic for SK7. The camera couldn't really capture the right shade of the maroon this time around.

Fuchsia Stripe SK/SET - sold out!
Greenish Grey Stripe SK/SET- sold out!
Raspberry Stripe SK/SET- sold out!
Turquoise Stripe Set- sold out!

Ladies, please take note. Colors may differ in real due to the lighting. Usually in pictures the colors will appear to be "extra" bright from the camera flash. For example the red brocade, outside xder la cam merah makngah sgt, its actually more subdued!

More to come..saboooooooooooooooooo ye..:)


JV Cynosure said...

Or u ladies prefer with black body jersey??

Cybermama said...

me vote for maroon coz i'm lack of maroon tudung. The best if you can offer for both, black and also maroon.

mien said...

prefer black body jersey

nzh1979 said...

black would be nice..ehehe

mama rock

zuwaidah said...

prefer for both colours....

JV Cynosure said...

heheheh..keep the votes coming...if equal preference dia..then i will do both. sapa yg tak nak order, jgn nak vote lak eh!! :P

syimasyawal said...

kita nak bodynya warna hitam, minggu depan kita bank in.... dah berkenan dah ni....

fazira's said...

i pun nak body itam gak

kuja said...

prefer body hitam

JV Cynosure said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JV Cynosure said...

haz sudah rembat tht sample set tau!

elinazz said...

Hi..I Eliza..I nak order starter kit ni..I ada email u pasal nak Beige jersey with tiny flowers cotton awning..kira leh convert jadi starter kit ke??

Nescafe said...

cantik nye SK itik seranti.
Suke tgk org pakai tudung ala2 tudung ikin. Tapi rasa cam tudung ni sesuai untuk bentuk muka tertentu jek. Saya pakai cam npk kelakar lak.