Monday, March 15, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Ahhhh! Best nya dh back in my own home. No matter how nice other places are, home is still the sweetest , eh! Especially when Bibi dh kemas habis the house, my mess pun dia dh kemas kan and susun segala kain, kotak tok nenek kat the first floor. Now anybody who comes to the house akan sejuk je mata menengok the area next to the dining table. I vow to keep it as mess-free as it is now! :)

Cherating was during the day and rainy at night...ideal for holiday-makers. Got to know from some locals that the area has been in a drought for a while. Grass kat tepi2 seme kering kontang...kuning aje. My kids came back in a diff colour! Cam rentung ada...despite sunblock bagai! Mommy nya pigmentation pun menjadi2, despite wearing a cap and staying in the shade!

Malam I mati kutu...too much time on my hands suddenly! Sepatutnya buat some office work, but tertinggal la pulak the thumbdrive with all the vital info bck home...arghhh! Hangin dibuatnya! So, by 10-10.30 pm...dh tdo terbongkang seme org!

Nevertheless, being the resourceful person tht I am, I managed to complete 3 Cynosure's business transactions while I was at the resort.

First K Yong came to collect her kain n SC applicator on Saturday petang. Anak dia masuk the Bintang Idola or something. Good luck to ur son!

Then later tht night, Fateen came over to collect her SC and tudung. Sian, rushing2 aje...Tak leh nak borak lama2 coz tgh fed my boy dinner kt coffee house. Wished u had come earlier, leh le budak2 tu seme bersuka ria di dlm air!

Then today, before checking out, the cute Kak Sherry came to get her shoes n tudung n kain2. Finally we got to meet KS! My customer yg sgt regular and easy going...semoga sentiasa dimurahkan rezeki KS! I wished we had more time...sure tak berenti berborak! Hopefully ur car will soon be okay ya.

I am back at my coverstitch machine...a few tudungs dh completed, tunggu nk iron kat coverstitched areas je. By tomorrow, yg due seme akan siap ye insyallah, kita cuti lagi esok. Yay! So Nurilham, Zawani, Maz, Zila, Maddy...I'll send u the BOP email by tomorrow night. K Nazlee, ur tudung tgh stage tampal awning, shld be able to ship to u on Thursday.

Ok, nk masuk tdo, esok ada facial kul 10 am. Byk nak kena siapkan before that. Bestnya if dpt jadi housewife but gaji tiap2 bulan masuk! Muahahahah!


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