Monday, March 29, 2010

Hari Raya Tudung Order

Dear all,

May be ada yg tak ganti puasa lagi ( I ada 2 hari lagi!!), and we are already talking about tudung Raya!! Muahahaha! But seriously, betapa kacau bilau nya hidup bila order bertimbun2 and nak kejar deadline...I lost so much weight last puasa disebabkan the torture of meeting the deadlines dgn Bibi ku balik kampung seme, that my Raya CE tudung yg size M, seme jadik terkecik coz I used my face as the model for size M!!

Maka for this year, dimaklumkan pada my dearest customers, last date for acceptance of order is the 31st of July. You know la bulan puasa kan, dgn penat nya, dgn nak sembahyang terawikh, pas tu keje macam biasa during the day, maka capacity agak berkurangan di bulan yg mulia itu nanti.

Ramadhan starts on the 11th of August insyallah, my objective is to deliver all tudungs by the 2nd week of Ramadhan or 2 weeks before Raya. The last 2 weeks tu bagi can tokeh lak buat tudung for diri sendiri and sedara mara terdekat (for my mom, mil).

So my plan is the first 2 weeks of Ramadhan tu akan dikhaskan hanya untuk menepek SC to the CEAE and tudung2 u all nanti. The body tudung itself shld already be ready by then.

So yg nak tudung to match their baju raya, u have ample time to post me some sample swatches of ur fabrics for me to find the matching jerseys or chiffons. Ni yg paling afdal psl pics sometimes don't give u the exact shades.

For early birds, MTOs submitted during the following months, the deals are as follows :

April - 2 pcs or more in one shipment, free shipping via poslaju, deposit required is only 20% (vs 50% currently)
May - 3 pcs or more in one shipment, free shipping via poslaju, deposit required is only 30% (vs 50% currently)
June - 4 pcs or more in one shipment, free shipping via poslaju, deposit required is 40% (vs 50% currently)
July - 5 pcs or more in one shipment, free shipping via poslaju, deposit required is 50% (same as currently)

Pls take note the offers above are only for Raya MTOs, not applicable for normal MTOs as the Raya MTOs will only be ready within the month of August. The normal MTOs will enjoy free shipping for 5 pcs and above and will be ready within 2-3 weels from the date of submission of the MTO form, and the 50% deposit is applicable as per normal.

Also for early orders with request for SC ditepek unto ur tudungs, you will be charged upah price per batu of RM0.05 aje, vs RM0.10 if submited after June. Also subject to rege SC tu time tu, if current stock habis, n if I have to re-order urgently, the price may not be as good as now. So do take advantage of the current price now.

For puchases of SC saja, from the 15th of June, the price will be increased by RM0.02 per batu per size, to reflect the higher demand of the crystals due to the festive season nanti. So baik la u all borong cepat2, so if stock habis, I leh re-order. It takes about 4 weeks for the SC to be delivered to Malaysia.

As for any interest on CEAE, last date for submission is on the 15th of June, deadline awal sebab nak buat nya super renyah!!! And deposit required is only 30% (vs 50% previoulsy) of the total tudung value.

I take lower deposits for early orders coz ur tudung akan dpt dlm bulan 8, longer wait maka lower deposits. I'm fair if dpt siap awal, if orders yg lain2 tu masuk slowly, maka bonus la gitu ek!

So pls email for quotes, ok! Have a great week ahead!


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