Friday, March 5, 2010

Cynosure Exclusive - the 13th Collection

Finally, the time has come for the 13th CE! And I'm a fan of polkadots! This fabric is heavenly to the touch, not like the usual Korean jerseys tht are sold here. It's really soft and light. Sejuk je bila pakai, and u will feel like ur not wearing any tudung at all! Finishing has to be single stitching as the fabric is too soft for coverstitching. Those yg rasa tak kuasa nk dry-clean the tudung, perhaps u should give this a miss. Boleh basuh pakai air...but I rasa dry-clean would be the best method to keep ur tudung always in a pristine condition. Not just this tudung, but seme tudung la!

Prices will be as follows:
1. Ariana/DeCynosure/ Demi TE : RM60
2. Ariana 11/Decynosure11/TE : RMRM64
3. Tudung Husna : RM74
4. Mini Cynosure/TCT berawning :RM58
5. TCT : RM48

Order book :
1. Yela - TCT
2. Seha - TCT
3. Pink - TCT
4. DJ - Ariana
5. Nani - TE
6. UmmiAmmar - TE
7. K Sherry - Husna
8. Zila - Demi TE

Stop kat sini dulu...anybody else yg interested, pls email me, I will put u on a waiting list. Takut kang ter-oversold pulak, kain tak cukup! If ada lebih kain, I will notify u.

Thx, ladies!
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