Thursday, March 18, 2010

SC applicator n additinal tips

Dear ladies,

Sorry busy sgt nk reply shoutbox queries, ku buat mlm ni.

Urgent, those yg nk order SC applicator n the additional tips pls submit order via FE by tomorrow at 5 pm.

Deposit is required:
SC applicator - RM120, dep RM30
Additional tips - RM35, dep RM10

Yg rasa nk order kasut Carlos Santana wedges tu, sila email for availability of ur size. Nnti if I cek ada, baru submit FE with RM50 deposit ( shuz r RM220). Or apa2 kasut, sila describe style n size, I will check this weekend.

1. Zhohren - gold - 7.5

Sila bergerak pantas on the applicator n tips as shopping will be done this weekend. Jgn Ada ug tercicir lagi!

Order list:

1. SC applicator + additional tips
Tong-gas - 1 - dep pd
Azizah - 1 - dep pd
UmmuY - 1
Kimi - 1- dep pd
Siti Husnita - 1
Norazamimah - 1- dep pd
Eeian - 1
Rosilawati - 1 - dep pd
Suzi J - 1
Min Chontoi - 1 dep pd
11. Kak Yah - 1
12. Yus - 1
13. Ummi -1

2. Additional tips only


Also nak tanya, sapa hari tu yg ada order SC applicator and additional tips but tak dpt lagi dia punya brg? I have one still with me...but for the life of me, I dh tak tau sapa. Pls let me know, otherwise, I will let go to one of the ladies in the waiting list.


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