Thursday, March 4, 2010


The awning is Charcoal. Kaler tudung ni cam yg pic kat bwh ni. It has subtle pin stripes...can only be seen bila dtg tgk dari dekat. Very classy, very understated. So those yg cam nk tambah collection tudung plain gelap... I highly recommend this one! Nmpk mahal gitu!

The Mini Cyno is available, face size M, Cynosure awning, RM58.

Somebody booked this Mini Cyno, but for the life of me, I cldnt remember who it was. So to whoever that booked the tudung, pls email me asap. If not claimed by Friday, this tudung is available for grabs. Face size M, Cynosure awning/TS, RM58. This is one of my fav jerseys, I have one made into a TCT! Highly recommended!

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