Monday, March 22, 2010

Swarovski Crystals

Finally, sudah sampai SC batch baru yg ditunggu2, lebih comprehensive the range of colours and sizes.

I have grouped them in colours of the same range. The tip for a nice SC design is to have colours of diff shades put together in diff sized stones. It creates colour gradiation and diff sizes tu bagi nmpk hidup ur design tu, takde la flat je. And if tak de colour yg u leh buat gradiation ni, then selitkan la the clear crsytals di kalangan batu2 naik ur design tu nnti. The moment u pakai the same shade and same size...ur design akan nmpk flat and boring.

So batu ss16 u dont hv to pakai strategic points, mcm mid of flowers, peaks and ends of ur kerawang, the middle of a swirl, u get the idea...yg byk u guna yg ss10 and ss12...these will form the body of ur design. This way, u will also be able to reduce ur cost and ur customers pun tak la rasa ralat sgt nk pasang SC kat awning, tudung or baju dorang. If seme yg batu besar...bengkok nk byr satu hal, and nmpk cam over-the-top le pulak! Remember, more does not necessarily mean nice...sometimes less is better. Org kata berpada-pada le menepek batu2 tu!

The following are the colours and sizes available for sale. The bigger the volume the deeper the discount. So u all pakat le dgn kwn2 u all masa mengorder tu :

Amethyst : ss10, ss16

Light Amethyst : ss10, ss12
Burgundy : ss10

Peridot : ss12
Chrysolite : ss10, ss12, ss16
Erinite : ss10, ss12, ss16
Emerald : ss16

Jonquil: ss12, ss16

Smoked Topaz : ss16
Topaz : ss12
Light Colorado Topaz : ss10

Silk : ss12
Light Peach: ss10

Siam : ss16
Light Siam : ss12
Sun: ss10

Fuchsia : ss16
Rose : ss16
Light Rose : ss10, ss12

Sapphire : ss12
Light sapphire: ss10

Black Diamond : ss12, ss16
Clear Crystal: ss10, ss12, ss16 - SOLD OUT

Pls refer to link for colours :

The following are the prices for per colour per size:

ss10: 50 pcs : RM9 @ RM0.18
100 pcs : RM17 @ RM0.17
200 pcs : RM32 @ RM0.16

ss12 : 50 pcs :
RM12 @ RM0.24
100 pcs : RM22 @ RM0.22
200 pcs : RM40 @ RM0.20

ss16 : 50 pcs : RM14 @ RM0.28

100 pcs : RM26 @ RM0.26
200 pcs : RM48 @ RM0.24

Clear crsytals : ALL SOLD OUT
ss10 :
Flat rate of RM0.16 per pc with min order of 50 pcs

ss12 :
Flat rate of RM0.20 per pc with min order of 50 pcs

ss16 :
Flat rate of RM0.24 per pc, with min order of 50 pcs.

Lowest retail price per min of 100 pcs
ss10 RM0.20 per pc
ss12 RM0.26 per pc
ss16 RM0.32 per pc

SC value packages will be posted soon.

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