Saturday, June 19, 2010

Salam semua!!

Dear ladies,

I'd like to apologise for the longggggg silence, dah sakit bagai nak rak, tak berdaya kita nk menghadap daily activities! I thought I was never going to emerge from the dark, dark hole I was was so horrible, I'd never wish it even to my enemies!

But alas, I'm back on my feet, back to the world of the living! Nevertheless, I masih terasa ''geli'' nk menjahit tudung. Hopefully seru akan tiba juga one of these days!

We have some outstanding business which I'd like to address. Beribu2 ampun dipinta for the delay!

1. Hotfix applicators - I have received only 2 units earlier this week. I'm going to get the rest next week or latest the week after. I may have a few extra units available for sale. Yg ada email kata nk order after the deadline, pls email me again...I will put u on the waiting list.:)

2. Shuz - sudah tiba this week, akan ku upload gambar sat lagi ya.

3. Gadgets n storage cases- ada yg dh sampai, ada yg akan sampai together with the applicators next week. Yg mana value sets yg dh complete, akan ku cuba selesaikan transaction this coming week.

4. Additional tips -these may arrive lewat sikit. Harap dapat bersabar ye.

5. MTOs - yg mana ada submit deposit for MTOs before I fell sick, pls email me again. Nila ur tudungs yg 2 pcs tu dh siap, complete BOP and will send them out to u this week. :)

6. Swarovski crsytals - yg ada submit email wanting to buy these, pls email me again, I hv received the crystals counter so cepat la ku leh buat kerja packing the stones for u.

7. Jerseys - yg ingin membeli belah jerseys, sila submit queries. Business is effectively open starting this week. :)

Thanks to all for the good wishes, semoga I sihat and can function again as per normal!

We are back in business!!



kimimclaren said...

finally u r back!!! lama betul menyepi ek.

yus said...


JV Cynosure said...

sakit kimi...pastu cam geli je nak buat tudung!

thx yus!

ummuY said...

alhamdulillah...fasa pertama dah berlalu..lagi 2 stages to go!hehhehe...chaiyok!

JV Cynosure said...

ye...jauh perjalanan lagi ummuy!

rosy_rosyrose said...

Salam, ramai yang dah rindu Yela. Welcome Back.