Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yay! Barang2 sudah sampai!

Dear ladies,
Finally, sampai dh all the applicators and storage cases! Pls look out for offers on SC especially for those who have bought the applicators. Also be on a look out for BOP emails for those who hv placed their orders. Give me until this weekend to pack all the stuff up. Byk keje ni....nk korek balik ur FEs, nk check for BOP payments, nk pack n segala!

Nevertheless, the additional tips tak sampai lagi. So those I will ship out separately coz I tau ramai yg dh tak sabar nk guna applicators ni!Those yg tak sempat nk selit order dulu, pls email me if ur interested. I will put u on a waiting list, n email to those yg akan dpt the extras nnti.

Last but not least...thx so very, very much for those who have been patient enough to wait for ur orders. I feel utterly grateful!!!

Thanks again, people!


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