Monday, October 19, 2009

Shopping, DIY Class, MTOs,etc

Dear ladies,

Shopping at ZH berjalan spt biasa. Yg order kain for shopping last week, akan dipost esok.

Some MTOs akan dipost esok juga. I will notify on the BOP tonight. Clearance of outstanding MTOs is progressing well, kita baru started work intensively last weekend. Mostly awnings seme dh tampal, Pegasus finishing aje yg lembab psl byk nak kena tukar2 benang...I sew ikut warna benang. So yg buat multiple orders tu tudung u all tak siap sekali gus, siap in stages ikut kaler benang. I aim to deliver at least 15 tudungs this week. And the balance next week. So just nice, in time for gaji seme nnti. :)

After MTOs yg atas ni, I'll concentrate on the chiffon sets MTOs for 2 weeks. So sapa2 yg rasa cam nak chiffon set but tak submit orders lagi, sila submit ur orders asap so bila I buat nnti, so for eg. yg nk pink, akan ku jalan sekali lalu seme pink. Laju sikit progress cam tu. And bila nak shopping kain, sekali harung..tak yah nk buat multiple trips...seme makan masa yg I'm very limited of!

For MTOs of more than 5 pcs in one order, complimentary shipping via poslaju is on the house! To show our appreciation to the fans of Cynosure creations.

Yg rasa nak tudung cepat dlm 2 weeks gitu (or less), pls opt for twin needle finishing. It's slightly cheaper too. This, though, tak termasuk chiffon silk order ek. Pls email for more details!:)

Nov the 7th is slotted for a DIY Class. So sapa2 yg nak participate in the class pls submit FE with RM30 deposit. Total is RM80, fee is RM50 + RM30 is for fabrics, etc. (1m of J2 in black, 1 TS awning, 1 pc of interfacing for awning, 1 Ariana 11 template, 1 Cynosure awning template (ni yg mahal ni!) and the chance to copy all the other templates (except for Cynosure's original creations). Pls bring ur own brown paper for the latter. Class is limited to 5 students only, from 10 am - 3 pm. So hurry to book ur place. Once deposit is paid, ur committed to attend the class, no cancellation or refunds will be entertained. U may have to look for the replacement urself and get ur refund frm the replacer.
1. Miza
2. Yaneng
3. Yuana's sis

The first batch of orders for the recently posted Stripey Cotton Jerseys (SCJ) will be collated until Friday this week, shopping will be done over the weekend and shipping for these will be done on Tuesday next week. The next shopping for these will depend on the volume of orders, if tak byk..then shopping thereafter will be done every once in 2 weeks.

November will be open will the unveiling of the 8th Cynosure Exclusive edition. So ladies, business is open as usual!!

Thanks for your kind understanding, patience and support. We have ironed out some technical problems these past few weeks, and hopefully everything will run smoothly after this. :) We at Cynosure appreciate each and one of you...thanks so very much!

Have a great productive week ahead!

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