Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sale, Sale, Sale!

Dear ladies,

ZH is having a sale now:-

1. J1 - RM35 per m (UP RM40, RP RM45.80)
2. J2 - B1F1 - RM37 - warna baru akan sampai today or tomorrow. Cantik2 kaler green ada dlm batch yg baru nnti ni. (UP RM32 per m, RP RM35.80 per m)
3. Printed jerseys (October postings) - RM35 per m (UP RM42, RP RM46.80)
4. Printed jerseys (August postings and those earlier than that) B1F1 RM48, market making for 1m - RM30 (subject to market-maker willingness to hold stock for the particular jersey) (UP RM42 per m, RP RM46.80 per m)

5. EJ - RM40, tak byk choices dh yg ni. (UP RM47, RP RM 52.80)

So, pls email the pics or codes of the jerseys ur interested in, and I will inform u of the availability and offer.

Those who would like MTO tudungs, this is the time to get the tudungs customed-made for you at a lesser price! Offer is until stock lasts. Thx!

P/s those yg dh order last week, unfortunately dpt harga lama psl masa tu mmg tak de sale lagi!

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JV Cynosure said...

When ur quoting the codes for the jerseys, pls enlcose the date of the blog posting, kang i tgk sample lain, u all tgk sample lain, esp on j1 and j2...try not to use postings yg older than July. thx!