Sunday, January 17, 2010

Regarding MTOs

Dear ladies,

I know I've stopped taking MTOs, but then I go around and post all these beautiful jerseys...mcm teasing u all aje, esp my dear end tudung buyers! Problem is, mmg I still can't take MTOs, but if u all tak submit MTOs wth 50% deposit, chances are jerseys ni may be sold out (like what happened to the the Black Tan Berkaki..hangin haku!).

So up to u ladies, nk book kain dulu, and expect ur tudungs to be ready in 4-5 weeks...if can wait, pls do submit the MTOs form, then I can go buy the jerseys to be made into tudung when I'm free from existing MTOs.

Ada a few gak enquiries about the jerseys mahal...I mmg suka la yg multi-toned jerseys tu...smooth aje the transition from one colour into another. Yg pasti, tak ramai yg pakai jerseys ni psl mahal do-oh! If yg berminat, pls submit email with the title Jersey Mahal, then when I'm ready to accept MTOs balik, senang I nak trace those ytg berminat dgn jerseys mahal ni ek.

Shipping for kain/tudung will be done tomorrow or Tuesday, chances are Monday selalu mmg tak sempat, so most likely Tuesday. Those yg tak settle BOP lagi, pls do so ek. BOP dh clear seme baru kita leh ship out.

Thx and have a wonderful week ahead!


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