Wednesday, January 27, 2010

SC Applicators

Disebabkan masih ada permintaan for the applicators, those yg missed grabbing the first batch , pls submit ur FE together wth rm30 as deposit. Order book will close on Sunday at 8pm. Arrival shld be within 4 weeks. Those yg nk order kasut, pls also submit orders by Sunday.

As for shuz, if u hv any style, colour and size u want, pls email me and I see if I can find a pair for u. I amik sz 7 n 7.5 as readystock coz thts my size. Yg wedges Carlos Santana u see byk2 tu seme in various sizes, buyers yg order in their respective sizes. Just let me know the kind of shuz u hv in mind, kita akan carikan.

Take care, peeps!


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