Monday, January 25, 2010

Swarovski Crystals applicators

Finally, the SC applicators have arrived safely, yay! So those who have ordered, pls email me ur BOP with RM6 as poslaju shipping. Price is RM120. So pls do me a favor, pls reply using the trail email of ur FE ya. Seriously, I don't have much time to email sorang2! I may have 2 boxes available. Deadline for submission of BOP is this Friday, 28th of Jan. After which, I will offer yg mana2 tak dibayar lagi to others. Booking fee in non-refundable!:)

List of those who have booked the applicator:
1. Sherry - pd
2. Penguin - pd
3. Ina S - pd
4. Wide- pd
5. Pink- pd
6. Syafinaz- pd
7. Kak Da- pd
8. Yela- pd
9. Idah JB
10. Lieya- pd
11. Lynda

Ada tak nama sapa2 yg I tercicir??

The SC have also arrived! I will list down the colours and sizes later. Those yg beli the applicators, with purchase of SC totalling RM150, shipping will be complimentary on the house!


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