Saturday, January 16, 2010

Recent project from expensive jerseys

Ni lagi tudung2 from jersey yg mahal, price range for these tudungs after completion is between RM80 - RM94 per pc. Shown here are Demi TE, slightly bigger than mini TE, smaller than TE. I'd say...just the perfect size!

None of the ones shown here is available. All owned by a sweet lady with perfect grace. :)

p/s Pada yg muka comel, ala2 narrow and kecik, if nak MTO using this awning, pls quote Cute awning ye, as shown in the tudungs here. Ianya pendek kat pipi and tebal skit kat crown. Yg pipi tembam or muka lebar, Cute awming ni tak sesuai.


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