Monday, January 25, 2010

Swarovski Crystals

Pls double click on the colour catalog for a better view.

Prices shown here are only applicable for this batch of SC ONLY and for 50-pc pack only. If u'd like to buy less than 50 pcs per colour per size, normal prices will apply. SC tht are available for sale are :

1. Amethyst : ss10, ss16
2. Burgundy : ss10
3. Chrysolite : ss10, ss12, ss16
4. Erinite : ss10, ss12, ss16
5. Light Amethyst : ss10, ss12 (SOLD OUT)
6. Light Colorado Topaz : ss10
7. Light Peach : ss10
8. Jonquil : ss12, ss16
9. Light Rose : ss12
10. Sapphire : ss12
11. Light Siam : ss12
12. Smoked Topaz ; ss16

Price for 50 pcs:
ss10 - RM10 (RM0.20 per pc vs NP RM0.25)
ss12 - RM 13 (RM0.26 per pc vs NP RM0.35)
ss16 - RM 16 (RM0.32 per pc vs NP RM0.45)

Clear crystals ss12 (amended) : RM13 (RM0.26 vs NP RM 0.30)

For price comparison, pls refer to this link

Prices are applicable until stock lasts.

For those who have bought the SC applicators, you may enjoy free shipping for your package if you buy RM150 worth of SC to be shipped together wth your applicators. :)

Pls email for availability.

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