Monday, January 25, 2010

Some more!

Black & Tan berkaki (without the kaki on the tudung). This is available, Demi TE, face size M, RM58, ready to be shipped. Kain ni dh sold out kat kedai. Awning on this tudung is the new and improved Cynosure awning, pls take note everybody! I find this awning more flattering to the face. :)
Booked by Mel

Mutli-hued jersey sample

Ni contoh Demi TE made frm one of the subtle multi-hued jerseys. Cantik u all bila dh jadi tudung! (Not made by me, this is given as sample for size). Sapa2 yg nak order from the mutli-hues range, pls submit MTO form cepat2, some of the ones I posted dh sold out kat kedai jerseys nya. But last week dtg yg baru lak...haku dh pening nk amik gambar2 byk2...kang tak dan nak tepek, sold out pulak!

Wht I like abt this range is that, u can wear ur printed clothes with these jerseys. So agak flexi la compared to the other range of printed jerseys yg mana kena pakai baju plain aje. Tu psl jerseys ni cepat habis, yg masuk last week was the 3rd batch within 3 weeks kot tokeh bwk masuk, yg first range I pun tak sempat nk tgk dh sold out. Yg batch I tepek baru2 ni, dh kurus2 kayu dia, and a few colours dh sold out. Nnti I tepek yg latest batch lak ek.

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