Wednesday, January 13, 2010

MTO is temporarily closed

Dear ladies,

Due to overwhelming response, regretfully we have to close MTOs for the time being. I have 60 pcs to complete within 3 weeks...alhamdullilah but also aiyakkkk (!!) at the same time! Tak de social life le cenggini!

Ummuy (wah, special mention ni!), if u nak submit orders, submit MTO form, but dpt siapkan only in 4 weeks, the 4th week tu I buat u punya nnti.

Shopping kain seperti biasa ek. Disebabkan quite good response for the newly posted jerseys, akan ku shopping this weekend for it. So for those yg nak I post kain next week, sila submit ur FE by Friday 10 pm. Thx!


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