Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year - 2010!

Dear beloved readers,

So, what have we all achieved in the past year? I'm not sure if I made any new year's resolutions for memory is THAT bad, ok! But what I can say is that I managed to achieve a few things last year.

For one is sustaining this blog...never thought it'd last this long! I thought it'd be a very short stint, u know masa DIY tudung ni still baru, and semangat berkobar2. I'm actually surprised that I manage to keep at it until today! Thanks to all u dear readers who are mainly Tudung DIYers who are also customers , and of course the readymade tudungs buyers! Thanks so very much for making all this possible. Without your support, lama dh blog ni berkubur!

Continuing with this DIY tudung thingy - I know many have lost interest and ventured into 0ther things. Ada yg send me emails expressing their admiration that I'm still at le, kitakan the pioneer batch...hehehe..bila dh reason to abandon this hobby. And I have to say, this is one activity that gives me great satisfaction. Suka sgt bila orang suka hasiltangan kita...rasa puas semacam! Senyum aje dibuatnya. :)

I've also made a lot of friends along the way. Bila2 pergi ZH to shop, ada je yg tegur! I may not remember most of ur names, but I sure remember ur faces. :). I've lost contact with many from the first batch, but I'm still in constant contact with some. They are people with whom I exchange ideas & templates, and from whom I ask for tips and help. I appreciate every one of u and hope this will continue as long as we live!

But my greatest achievement is when my coding for jerseys , ie. J1, J2, is being used by everybody! ZH is the first to adopt this coding psl bila org dtg kedai, dok tanya mana kain J1, J2...and they were puzzled initially apa mende yg walk-in customers ckp ni, until I explained to them about the diff jerseys and how I label these jerseys on my blog. Eversince that ZH looked at me in a different light and started to treat me kindly....hehehhe! They then started using this coding when dealing with their custmers. Then Jakel also uses this coding, funny lak bila i gi sana and saw these codings kat kain dorang! ...though J1 dorang is not the same as J1 (original) ZH ye. Now ZH pun ada 2 types of J1...they call J1 and J1A. Whereas I call J1A and J1B, the former is J1 original yg RP RM45.80, the latter J1B is RP RM38.80. J1 original ni dh tak byr choices in terms of colours at the moment. And with the market demanding lower prices, terpaksa la kedai bwk masuk yg murah skit ni. deZAHRA dlm interview dorang with TV3 also guna my coding ni...patutnya I patented my coding ni!! Muahahhaha!

So 2010 is here...wht do I have in store for u?? Some new stuff....I'm going to have more offerings on my blog. A new batch of Swarovski Crystals which I can offer you at more attractive prices will be arriving in 3 weeks. Along with these will be the applicator as well. I ni suka la if customers, esp end customers yg beli tudung ni to fix their own SC psl jimat sikit kan. If suh kita buat, ada upah nya cost factored in the price. So u all beli the SC and the applicator and buat sendiri....kat baju anak2 pun leh lekat kat SC ni nnti! Tak yah susah beli baju mahal2, embellish-kan yg dah ada tu and terus nampak mahal je baju tu! Also leh tepek kat hair accessories juga....mana tau kot leh jadik a source of income pulak kan! :). Once the SCs are here, I may buat Pesta SC, so u all leh JV antara u all to buy the SC, psl the more u buy the better the prices per colour, per size nnti. I like to bring bargains to my customers, no more buying retail, ok!

And as you've noticed, I've started to bring in branded shoes and offering them at super-bargain prices....most of the shoes are retailing from USD 70 - USD180. Western market ni ada seasons, so past seasons nya items mmg dorang buat clearance selalu. Tu psl dpt harga bagus. Jgn mimpi kat Malaysia ni leh dpt rege cam ni ek. Paling murah pun mcm Nine West is RM150 bila dorg buat clearance, and size yg ada...sure size yg most of kita-kita ni tak leh pakai. So if u like any of the shoes featured, but tak de in ur size, try emailing me and make a request, I will check if ada in ur sizes nti. For eg. the Carlos Santana wedges yg I dh rembat for myself, I've re-ordered abt 4 more pairs in various sizes psl ada org request. :)

And there may be some other smaller items, like storage items, etc if the price is right...of course!

And my resolution for 2010, in random order:

1. complete the orders at least 3 days before due date so I don't live in stress all the time!! No more terlajak perahu nya due date...insyallah! This won't be easy, but it's something I have to improve on. Must find time somehow.
2. To sleep before 12 get at least 6 hours of sleep everynight. I read kan lack of sleep may lead to heart attack for healthy adults! And stress also. So must sleep more, and reduce stress....the two major problems in my life now!
3. To spend at least an hour a day with my kids revising their schoolwork....must, must, must!
4. To start working out again...setahun ku tinggalkan...macik dh semakin senja...kena jaga fitness
5. To think positively....susahnya la weh!
6. To be a better muslimah
7. To be a better mom and wife
8. To take care of myself more

Kang byk2 reso, stress lak nak achieve.

So peeps, get ready for a new year and the new you. Have a great year ahead, may Allah bless all of our endeavours!



ummuY said...

selamat menempuh tahun baru 1431 H dan 2010.may Allah give you strenght to achieve all your goals and targets..may Allah bless all of your endeavours.

yus said...

Sis.. so many reso there!!

Happy new year aa!!

mmm.. tah memana lah lagi hilang batch pioneer nih.. sume sepi je.. kat forum pun sepi gak..

Wish you all the best!!

p/s : You are one of my greatest happenning (apa la ayat nak guna!!) in my life for 2008!!

Thank you sis!!

JV Cynosure said...

Same to you Ummuy!! Semoga dberkati Allah segala urusan kita ya.

JV Cynosure said...

Ha ah la Yus, reso kemain byk...harapnya dpt la dilakukan semua itu!

The best happening in 2008 ke 2009, dear??? Nak masuk 2010 dh ni tau!

Semoga apa yg u terlepas last year, akan kembali bersemi this year....ish...ayat...jiwang je bunyiknya!:)