Saturday, January 23, 2010

MTO has been reopened!

Salam ladies,

MTO telah dibuka kembali! Those yg teringin MTO from the expensive jerseys, pls email for quotes. Shopping for the jerseys akan dibuat next weekend. Weekend ni I gi survey and see what's the damage will be for u! Hehehehh!

Yg nak submit MTO for the latest postings on jerseys, pls email for quotes juga.

There will be some readymades available for sale nnti. For those yg jenis tak leh nak tunggu, sila la rembat yg readymades bila ianya dh keluar nnti ek!

Disebabkan kain tgh ada offer now, prices for the following MTOs are as follows:

1. J1 ori (ni tak de offer, sama je price dia dgn dulu!)
Ariana/ DeCynosure/Demi TE - RM60
Ariana 11/DeCynosure 11/TE - RM64
Tudung Husna - RM76
Mini Cynosure -RM55

2. J1 murah
Ariana/ DeCynosure/Demi TE - RM55
Ariana 11/DeCynosure 11/TE - RM59
Tudung Husna - RM64
Mini Cynosure -RM50

3. J2
Ariana/ DeCynosure/Demi TE - RM50
Ariana 11/DeCynosure 11/TE - RM54
Tudung Husna - RM60
Mini Cynosure -RM45

The rates above are only applicable for MTOs submitted before the 30th of Jan.

Have a great weekend all!!


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