Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cuti and mcm2 lagi!

Dear all,

I'll be on leave frm Monday to Tuesday, nguruskan my kindy-going kids. My lil boy, Aidan, will be going to playschool this year. This year he goes to the same school as his sis, Nia, though I feel like changing their school. Masalahnya, baru la malam ni nak pikir psl sekolah mana! Teruk tul la Mommy dorang ni! I tak suka sekolah yg Nia pergi now, coz budak2 situ byk kutu..habis pala anak2 I sampai ke cousin2 dorg kena mende ni. So, I'm not happy with the way the people in the kindy deal with this problem. Esok gaya nya kena last minute rounding Ampang Jaya area le. So sapa2 yg tahu any good ones, pls le let me know ek.

So shopping will only be done on Wednesday, do send in ur orders via FE ya. MTO is open again, sementara keadaan tgh tenteram ni, send in ur orders. Insyallah will be ready on due NY reso ni!!

I have yet to upload the readymade tudungs...will do later today ye. Bz dgn mcm2 perkara this weekend.

Yg dh booked the SC applicators, ampun dan aunt leh tercicir mende tu dlm shipment yg baru sampai ni. Frust tertonggeng ku rasa!! Dgn SCs seme tercicir. So these items will be shipped out at the end of this week, sekali dgn some other items yg baru if tak de aral melintang lagi, akan sampai dlm 2.5 weeks gitu. Akan ku announce bila dh sampai nnti.

Also, if ada yg dh submit MTO or FE but somehow tak dpt apa2 lagi from me eventhough dh way past due date, pls do email me. Takut la tercicir sapa2 nya order kan. Nak start this year on a clean slate.

I'll be having some clearance sale on some selected TS. Nak clear yg lama2 nya tu, tong TS dh membuak2 dgn TS...dh semak ku tgk keadaan tong itu! So once the pics are taken, akan ku tepek kat blog nnti. Hopefully by this week le.

Ok la, dh terkecundang NY reso nk tdo by 12 midnight! Tak pe...esok leh bangun lewat skit, my task is to send the kindy kids, hb's is to send my Tia to her SKBD. So I can sleep in..yay!

Ok peeps, enjoy!


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