Monday, July 12, 2010

Sorry all!

Dear ladies,

Sorry there was no shipping last Wed as I had a whole-day conference at KL Hilton. Shipping this week will be on Wed, so I will ship out items for those who hv completed the BOPs.

Also I have yet to get back my groove in tudung making, hence, I may not be taking any MTOs for the moment until further notice. Instead, I will upload some readymades that I already have, some time this coming weekend, for you to see. If you need me to embellish the tudungs with SC, pls let me know and give me a week to complete tepek-ing the SC.

If I larat, I will also upload pics of jerseys that I already have in hand. These will be put up for sale for those who are interested. If u all insist nk MTO juga from these jerseys, I will get my assistant to do it for u. Buat masa ni...I mcm geli nak menjahit! Sgt teruk la pembawakan budak kali ni...I'm hoping I will be back to normal, at least after the baby is born. Sayang je skills buat tudung seme!

For those who have not completed your BOPs on the SC applicators by Wed (the 14th) at 12 noon, akan ku let go the applicators to those yg I ter-miss buying the last shopping spree. Refunds will not be entertained, your orders I will push to the the next shopping spree pulak ye. For those yg nak order lagi the applicators, pls email the FE form and deposits by Friday this week. I'll be shopping for the additional tips and applicators this weekend.

Thx all for reading. Yela is a boring blogger the last few and coming months. I hope to get back into the groove eventually. Jangan lupa daku!



Jamiel said...

Awk byk kan berehat..
Makan la supplement yg patut.
By the way, visit me at

Anonymous said...

dah lama ke buat perniagaan. saya tadi masuk internet .. cari mesin jahit tepi .. ingatkan baru .. lupanya tahun 2009. by the way saya nak minta pendapat .. kalau beli mesin jahit tepi .. pas tu ambil order dari tailor yang beroperasi di rumah .. boleh buat duit tak ..?

Anonymous said...

boleh bagi alamat kedai?

JV Cynosure said...

if u beli mesin jahit tepi industrial, ok kot. jgn beli yg kecik tu mcm we all tak sesuai sgt for business jahit tepi. kurang laju and takut cepat rosak if heavy use.

buat duit tu...if u ada coloured benang jahit tepi berbagai kaler, boleh kot.

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