Tuesday, September 8, 2009

J1 & J2 terbaru!

Ni J1 & J2 terbaru yg dh sampai kat kedai last week. Pls click on pics for a bigger view. When u submit ur order, pls mention J1 Baru or J2 baru. Sbb if you don't, I will assume you're refering to the older arrival. Pls submit order for the new and old arrivals by 11am today with 50% deposit. Orders without deposits will not be entertained. Next shopping will be on Wed next week, psl I cuti frm esok sampai Tues next week, so no shopping during my leave, unless order yg diterima tu byk, then baru worth my trip frm Ampang to Damansara.

J1 without flash

J1 with flash. No. 6, 7 & 8 tu are from the green family.

J2 - B1F1 applies to these as well.
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