Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Personal Collection

Stripey Orange CJ
Jersey ni ada a few colours, RM40 per m, usual price RM54 per m. If ada yg interested jersey ni as Tudung CT as shown, or other styles, pls email for quotation. Pink - yg ni I dh reserve the jersey as an oblong for u!

Grey/black blingy net
Fabric ni ada sikit je lagi with me...I bought 2 m je kot. Sgt cantik as Tudung CT, jatuh elok je, or as CEAE style tu, or even as an oblong. Nama pun net kan, so yg pakai proper tudung, u need to wear an anak inside.

Jersey ni very exclusive, I bought 1 m aje during my mega shopping, so not available anymore. It's sheer at certain places, part yg ada tiny flowers tu dia clustered in jigsaw puzzle shape gitu. Pink - as promised, I've reserved one Tudung CT you frm this jersey!

CJ that is sheer at certain parts. I made a DeCynosure for my sis frm this jersey also. My mil pun order sehelai after seeing me in this. But of course hers will be made into a proper tudung la.

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