Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Itu, ini.....


May be nampak cam I tak update blog ni...but I do, under the respective labels, which incidentally fell under the 2008 postings! So rajin2 la u all jalan2 kat the different labels, every now and then, when ada jerseys baru ke, awnings baru ke, seme i update kat under the respective labels ya.

Most of my cerita ceriti, about the current happenings, I do in my mailing list. So if ada visitors yg not part of the mailing list yet, do write me at so I can add u.

Tentatively there might be a gathering cum class session on the 21st of February, 2009. But things have not been finalised yet. Masih dlm perancangan. If it comes true, it will be held in KL. So be on a lookout for announcements on this. Yg asyik terlepas kelas tu, boleh la block the date ya. Apa2 hal, I akan update kat mailing list and here.

A very busy week for me, byk nak kena jahit tudung, and I'm pressed for time! Tudung cream givenchy aka tudung tahlil aje 6 helai tgh queue. Tudung Siti lagi, anak tudung lagi, tudung oblong lagi. Nasib la kedai tutup so tak de shopping to do! But knowing me, I can't stop I bought some new TS!! Tangkap gambar pun tak guna, colours dia keluar tah hapa2. But I will try to upload dlm waktu terdekat ni. There's this one 6 ply TS, colour my eyes, amat la cun paired with black or grey jersey. Nak buat for corporate wear pun ok. Bila la grey jersey nak sampai!! Sah2 haku cari kat tmpt lain nnti if tak sampai2 kat kedai sini!

Andddd....ada org nak jual dia nya mesin jahit tepi yg besar...not sure what's the brand, but dia beli abt RM5k gitu...dia nak let go at RM2k thereabout. I tak sanggup nak beli...psl tak de tempat pun nak letak dia. Nnti bila I tau the exact details, I akan war2 kan.

Itu aje le bebelan buat waktu ni. Happy sewing people!!

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