Friday, January 30, 2009

Regarding DIY Tudung Class


Yg akan attend class on the 21st Feb nnti, pls email me and lemme know what food ur bringing so I leh update the food list.

Im not making it compulsory for u to buy the SK frm me psl ada antara students ni yg dh eprnah beli SK frm me awal2 dulu. So those who are really newbies, SK tak pernah beli seme, u hv a choice of purchasing the SK from me, pls refer to SK nya label to know what contains in an SK. Sbb yg will be provided for the class would be template ariana and its awning + interface sahaja. You need to bring ur own jersey and awning material. And if u want to copy the other templates, pls bring ur own brown paper - 1 tak cukup ek! Sbb byk templates!

Other items u need to bring are :-
1. Gunting kain
2. Kapur for lukis atas kain, or washable pen for kain
3. Benang (if ur kain is not black or white, pls bring 3 extra benang for jahit tepi...takut tuan umah tak de benang jahit tepi yg match dgn ur kain).
4. Peniti
5. Jarum ( ni for yg jahit tangan. yg nak guna sewing machine, pls also sediakan bobbin with the same benang).

Ada yg nak beli kain during the gathering, only problem is takut nnti u tak de benang yg match dgn the kain psl u dont know yet what colour of kain ur gonna buy! And ada ke awning yg nak match dgn kain yg u pilih tu? nampak cam remeh...but kain dgn umatching benang is a definite no-no for me! But if u all sanggup pakai tudung cam tu, up to you ye. Sendiri nak pakai kan...hehehhehe!

So pls take note!

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